Charlene Quarles assaults stepfather after argument on Poplar Court

Charlene Quarles assaults stepfather after argument on Poplar Court

53-year-old Charlene Quarles was involved in an altercation with her stepfather, Frank Adams, at their Poplar Court residence on May 11th. When officers arrived, they observed Adams with blood on his shirt, blood coming from his ear, and scratches on his face and neck. Adams stated that he had an argument with Quarles and wanted to call 911. When he noticed his phone was dead, he went to use the home phone. As he reached for the phone, Quarles stopped him.

Adams then attempted to go for his wife’s phone, but Quarles threw him to the ground. While holding Adams to the ground, Quarles started scratching him in his eyes and on his head. Once Quarles let him go, Adams made his way to his car and drove down the street, where he met with officers. When officers spoke with Quarles, she stated that Adams was belligerent about his house rules. She stated that while she was going to her room, Adams struck her in her chest. A witness corroborated more of Adams’s story, so Charlene was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.


Charlene Quarles of Wallace Boulevard in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on May 11th, charged with domestic assault. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $5,000.

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