Bryana McClendon rams into vehicle multiple times during road rage incident

Bryana McClendon rams into vehicle multiple times during road rage incident

25-year-old Bryana McClendon was seen ramming into a vehicle near Crunch Fitness on Fort Campbell Boulevard on May 9th. Officers spoke with the victim, who stated that as she was driving, McClendon cut in front of her and abruptly slammed on her brakes. This caused the victim to rear-end McClendon. After fleeing the scene, the victim claimed that as she tried to turn onto Cunningham Lane to get to Crunch Fitness, McClendon rammed into her vehicle from behind. When the victim did pull into Crunch Fitness, McClendon rammed the victim’s vehicle once again, which was caught on camera by a witness of the crime. McClendon then left the scene before officers found her and detained her. While searching McClendon’s car, officers found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a substance suspected to be Methamphetamine. McClendon was taken into custody for aggravated assault, simple possession, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and methamphetamine violations.


Bryana Elizabeth McClendon of Riley Road in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on May 9th, charged with aggravated assault. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $22,000.

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One thought on “Bryana McClendon rams into vehicle multiple times during road rage incident

  1. Everyone needs to know that she is a danger to the public. She has been hunting down The victims for many many months now. Back in January, she attacked them at a hotel. It gets even worse because one of her victims is a young ,26 year old special needs adult.

    According to her family, they have tried to get her to seek mental health help but she refuses. Why is law enforcement and the system not enforcing a high security inpatient detention for the woman to be secured, Assessed, treated ?

    Considering THIS time she rammed her vehicle into the victims (numerous times, chased them down!) in a PUBLIC parking, placing innocent citizens lives at risk while attacking her victims: this woman is a danger to herself and society and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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