Jamari House jailed after stealing $33,200 from Colorado man’s bank account via fraud

Jamari House jailed after stealing $33,200 from Colorado man’s bank account via fraud

23-year-old Jamari House was caught committing fraud at the US Bank on Madison Street on April 29th. While investigating possible fraud cases, law enforcement discovered a fraudulent account made under the name Robert Andrews. Andrew told law enforcement that he did not authorize the account’s creation or have anything to do with the money transfers from it. Andrew also informed officers that he lived in Colorado. During the investigation, House was deemed the primary suspect. Officers arrived at the mentioned location and spoke with House as he was making a withdrawal from the account. House was detained and transferred to questioning. House claimed he acted with an accomplice he only knew as “Juice.” He also stated that “Juice” established the account to make the withdrawals from Andrew’s account. House admitted that he performed all of the withdrawals on April 25th but stated that he gave the money to “Juice.” When asked about his activity at the bank, he said that “Juice” told him all the money left in that account was his. The totality of the funds fraudulently transferred from Andrew’s account was $33,200. Jamari House was taken into custody and charged with theft of property and theft of identity on April 29th.


Jamari Tyrone House of Plymouth Road in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County April 29th, charged with theft and identity theft. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $60,000.

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