Naya Carter scams woman & Urban Ministries out of $2,000 by pretending to be landlord

Naya Carter scams woman & Urban Ministries out of $2,000 by pretending to be landlord

26-year-old Naya Carter was caught scamming Mickala Rhodes on Raintree Drive on April 20th. Rhodes reported that she was scammed out of money after attempting to rent a residence on Raintree Drive. Rhodes also told officers that Carter stated her mother, “Selena,” was in charge of the rental, and all conversations were conducted using a fake Text-Now phone number. Rhodes and Carter agreed to a $700 down payment for the residence. Rhodes also informed officers that she met with Carter on April 16th to exchange the money. Rhodes told officers Carter showed up in a White-colored Saturn SUV and left once she collected the money. Rhodes was assisted by the Clarksville Area Urban Ministries, which was helping with the first month’s rent.

Treytin Maynard of Urban Ministries told officers she contacted “Selena” using the Text-Now number. Maynard stated she was told by “Selena” to make the check payable to Jamie Collins. On April 18th, Urban Ministries met with a male who identified himself as Jamie Collins, retrieved the check, and left in a Nissan Maxima. The check was cashed at speedy cash on the same day. Officers contacted the real owner of the residence, Isaac Bleach, who stated that Naya Carter was the resident of the Raintree Drive home and was renting it from him. Bleach stated he did not give Carter permission to sublease the residence. Rhodes identified Carter through a photo lineup. Carter also had a Saturn SUV registered to her, matching the description that Rhodes gave of the vehicle Carter drove on April 16th. Rhodes lost $700, and Urban Ministries lost $1300, totaling $2000 for the incident. Carter was then taken into custody on May 1st for property theft.


Naya Nechelle Carter of Richardson Street in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on May 1st, charged with theft. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $25,000.

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