Corey Simms caught with 28 grams of marijuana after speeding on scooter

Corey Simms caught with 28 grams of marijuana after speeding on scooter

44-year-old Corey Simms was seen speeding on a white scooter at West Coyote Trail on June 19th. Officers observed Simms traveling at 66mph in a 45mph zone while passing cars and changing lanes. When officers conducted a traffic stop, they observed Simms perform a U-turn into the parking lot of a 7-Eleven. Officers continued to attempt a traffic stop until they were able to take Simms into custody at the rear of the building. It was found that two objects were thrown while Simms was driving around the parking lot. Simms, without being questioned, told officers that he ditched the marijuana because he did not want to get stopped with it on him. The marijuana was measured to be 28 grams. It was also found that Simms did not possess the correct license to drive his scooter on the road. Simms was taken, then transported to booking and charged with tampering with evidence, speeding, simple possession, and driving without an M-class driver’s license.


Corey Robert Simms of Peacher Drive in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on June 19th, charged with tampering with or fabricating evidence, speeding, simple possession/casual exchange, and violation of condition licenses. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $7,000.

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