John Coffman jailed after causing drunken disturbance at O’Connor’s Pub

John Coffman jailed after causing drunken disturbance at O’Connor’s Pub

21-year-old John Michael Coffman caused a disturbance at O’Connor’s Bar and Grill on Tylertown Road in the early hours of June 15th. When officers arrived, they were flagged down by the establishment’s security. After this, they noticed Coffman having a dispute with another patron, so they approached them and told them to go home. The other person involved entered a nearby vehicle, and Coffman refused to leave with his designated driver and punched a wall, which left his knuckles bloody. Then, after officers assisted with a nearby crash, they overheard yelling from the O’Connor’s parking lot. When officers reapproached, they observed Coffman inside the passenger window fighting with the patron again and detained him for the occurrence. After this, several soldiers offered to take Coffman home, but he refused. During their interaction, he reeked of alcohol and showed signs of impairment. Coffman was deemed a danger to himself and taken into custody for public intoxication.


John Michael Coffman of Liberty Hill Rd in Washburn, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on June 15th, charged with public intoxication. He is free on a $439 bond.

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