Tippers’ employee Allysa Reister bites & spits on a paramedic trying to help her

26-year-old Allysa Reister passed out and was found unresponsive at Tippers, where she works, before she reportedly bit a paramedic. Officers arrived at Tippers on May 27th and found Allysa with EMS very intoxicated on an unknown substance, unable to walk. After EMS determined that she was a danger to herself, they and CFR personnel attempted to place her on a gurney to transport her. She resisted and attempted to bite a paramedic, but first responders got her into the ambulance. While in the ambulance, the paramedics tried to get Allysa’s vitals when she bit the paramedic’s left arm. Police reported that it caused immediate bruising and drew blood. During transport, she slipped her feet restraints, kicked machines in the ambulance, and spit on the paramedic. A warrant was issued for her arrest the following day, and she was booked on that warrant this week.

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Ciara Mack attacks husband after he reports her cheating to her chain of command

26-year-old Ciara Marie Yvonne Mack, a Soldier at Fort Campbell, was jailed on March 21st for attacking her husband after he alerted her chain of command of her Infidelity. Malcolm Mack told police that he and his wife are separated but still living together. They have had an argument in the past about Ciara’s infidelity that led to police involvement. Malcolm said he was asleep this time when Ciara came to his room to wake him up to watch their child. When he finally opened the door, Ciara had her phone flashlight on and was in his face recording him.

Malcolm had gone to Ciara’s chain of command earlier that day and told them about her infidelity and that he was filing for divorce. While they were arguing they started fighting over the possession of the phone. According to Malcolm, Ciara jumped on his back to try to get her phone back. Police say that based on the statements and evidence, Ciara was deemed the aggressor and taken into custody.

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Cavalry Scout Jonathan Maisonet charged with public intoxication after nearly drowning on Red River

21-year-old Fort Campbell Cavalry Scout Jonathan Maisonet reportedly nearly drowned on the Red River. Last weekend, Clarksville Police responded to Peachers Mill Road in response to a call that two heavily intoxicated individuals were floating down the Red River and that one of them had almost drowned. Medics responded to medically clear Maisonet, who survived the incident. Police noted he was still very intoxicated with slurred speech, and could not stand on his own two feet without assistance. He was charged with public intoxication.

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