Amerie Pardue keys ex-boyfriend’s car after throwing his clothes in the street

20-year-old Amerie Pardue was seen keying her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Bailey’s, car at his Hickory Trace Road apartment on June 20th. When officers spoke with Bailey, he said he received a text from Pardue. Bailey told officers the text said she dropped his clothes off in the cul-de-sac in front of his apartment and threw the key to a car in his possession at his apartment. When Bailey went outside the same morning, he noticed scratches that appeared to have been made by a key on his Cadillac sedan and his girlfriend’s Nissan SUV. Bailey and his girlfriend called Pardue, and she admitted to keying their cars. Officers later contacted Pardue, who stated that she never even got out of the car when she was there. Pardue told police that she only threw the clothes in the roadway and left. Bailey showed police a series of texts between him and Pardue leading up to and after she dropped the clothes off. In the messages, Pardue made statements about assaulting Bailey’s girlfriend, throwing a car key out with the rest of Bailey’s property, and not being afraid to go to jail. Officers determined the damage caused was around $500. Pardue was taken into custody for vandalism on June 24th.

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