Cameron Hosea burns house down after argument with mother

23-year-old Cameron Hosea was involved in a house fire at Dinsmore Road on June 22nd. Authorities received a call from Hosea’s mother, Kristen Steffen, that her home was on fire and that Hosea was inside. She went on to tell dispatchers that her son was not “in a good place” and may have started the fire on purpose. When officers arrived, Kristen stated that she watched Hosea exit through the back door into the woods. Kristen told officers that Hosea had been drinking and that he was upset with her, saying that she never did anything for him. During their argument, Kristen chose to go to her camper because she no longer wanted to continue arguing.

Kristen’s husband, Jacob Steffen, said he turned on the motion cameras to see what Hosea was doing inside the living room. Jacob stated that he couldn’t see most of the living room because something was blocking that camera, but he could see sparks, which caused him to worry. When Jacob and Kristen went outside the camper, they saw smoke from the upstairs window. They attempted to make entry, but the fire was too immense. Hosea was found walking along Highway 149 and was placed into custody for arson. While in custody, Hosea asked multiple times if he could see inside the house. Upon getting read his Miranda Rights, Hosea admitted starting the fire using a lighter on a blanket in the living room.

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