Tennessee Valley Brewing Company joins growing list of shuttered downtown businesses

The Tennessee Valley Brewing Company, which currently occupies the space at 125 Franklin Street, has announced it will be permanently closing its doors on October 14. The downtown Clarksville building they currently lease has hosted a series of failed businesses in a short few years. Prior to TVBC taking over the space in April 2023, Mickey’s Downtown closed shortly after health inspectors found cockroaches crawling on kitchen walls & in coolers in November 2022. Before that, failed businessman Dar Place operated Kimo’s Hawaiian Grill. Just before Kimo’s, the building hosted Roux – a restaurant that was closed after the owner was indicted on child pornography charges.

The owners posted the announcement on Facebook Sunday afternoon, explaining their move to downtown was supposed to bring in more customers — and that never came to fruition. The business, which is just over six years old, will serve its last beer on October 14. Many downtown businesses have closed recently, including Tarboosh and 105 Social – both of which sought the college-aged crowd. Many locals have cited parking as the primary reason they no longer frequent downtown businesses – a problem that is only expected to get worse with the arena now open, without any additional parking currently available.

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Leighland Fouts found “rolling around on the ground” after being bounced from Hookah 21

Clarksville Police responded to Hooka 21 on University Ave and met with security staff Ahmed Murad, who explained that 28-year-old Leighland Fouts was asked to leave the property multiple times and refused to do so. He was reportedly intoxicated to the point he was unable to stand up. Officers offered to let him find a safe ride home but soon discovered he had exited the vehicle and was rolling around on the ground.

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