Brian Evans charged after tossing beer can near wife, splashing her face, glasses, & dress

21-year-old Brian Evans was charged with domestic assault on May 28th, after Clarksville Police say he threw a can of beer toward where his wife of one year, Alexandra Evans, was sitting, splashing beer on her face, glasses, and dress. Evans told police she felt assaulted by these actions. Court records say the argument was about Brian wanting to end the marriage as he was seeing someone else.

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Tyronsha ‘Sha’ Harris charged after punching & spitting on her husband

Police say 22-year-old Tyronsha ‘Sha’ Harris, accompanied by three other females, approached her estranged husband, Necko Bryant, while yelling, screaming, and being belligerent. In an attempt to de-escalate the situation, Bryant convinced the other three females to leave and Harris remained. As he attempted to talk to her a witness at the residence confirmed Tyronsha punched Necko in the face and spit in his face three different times during the attempted conversation. There are three prior domestic incident reports on file between October and December of 2021.

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Domestic Violence Advocate charged in assault of her husband — Heather Goodmancave arrested

30-year-old Heather Goodman-Cave was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on Christmas Day, charged with the domestic assault of her husband, Justin Goodman-Cave, after she reportedly accused him of being unfaithful and assaulted him with her fists and a laptop. She is free on a $250 cash bond.

Goodman has worked with the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, and is a prominent figure in the domestic violence resource community, frequently being the public face of the organization at events. Police noted a history of domestic violence calls between the couple.

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