Thomas Tanner jailed after threatening his very adult son with a screwdriver

79-year-old Thomas Theophilus Tanner was jailed this week after his son called 911 to report his father, who is nearly 80 and weighs 150 pounds, “threatened him with a screwdriver.” Deputy Ryan Foster arrived at the location and made contact with the son, Thomas Tanner Jr., who stated his dad was inside the home working on an electrical box, and when asked to stop he reportedly told his son he would stab him with a screwdriver if he didn’t step back from him.

The father told deputies he absolutely said those words to his son; as he was coming too close too him, he was backed into a small area and felt threatened because his son is a much bigger man than he is. The son told the deputy he was afraid for himself and his grandmother, and the father was jailed and charged with felony aggravated assault.

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Kayla Anise Whitted assaults her husband with her fist and a kitchen chair during dispute

30-year-old Kayla Whitted was jailed Saturday after assaulting her husband, Fornondo Whitted. He says the two were in an argument over their relationship when she punched him in the face, resulting in him restraining her in a bear hug to prevent further assault and injury to himself. He then hug-walked her to the door so the argument to de-escalate the situation. She had other plans, and as he retreated to the other side of the kitchen table she ripped a shelf off the wall onto the kitchen table and broke a glass, which she was was so she didn’t attack him again. She then pushed a chair up against him, and Fornondo pushed it back, and she picked it up and assaulted him with it.

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Youth football coach charged in assault of his pregnant daughter & juvenile son — Dontavious Smith

39-year-old Youth Football Coach Dontavious Lee Smith (AKA ‘Coach Tay’) is charged with two counts of domestic assault after his children attempted to intervene during and after an assault on his wife. Smith reportedly assaulted and strangled his 15-year-old son when the child attempted to break up a physical assault between Smith and his wife.

When his daughter, who is pregnant, learned of the assault she came to the residence to confront him and he reportedly hit her in the face, causing her to make the 911 call. Smith had fled the scene when police arrived. He was arrested days later and is now free on a $12,500 bond.

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