Brittney Kennedy jailed after jumping bond on theft/probation violation case

33-year-old Brittney Kennedy failed to show up for court for a drug-related probation violation on a theft case from 2022. She filed a motion to have her warrant recalled after she jumped bond and also failed to show up for that court date. Jamie Thomas and his bounty hunter team say they beat on her door for several minutes this week until she eventually opened the door and surrendered herself to them.

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Valerie Knight charged with drug possession after trespassing at Walgreens on Madison St.

41-year-old Valerie Elizabeth Knight was trespassed from the Madison Street Walgreens in May. On December 1st, the manager on duty noticed she was inside the store and contacted the police, who found her near the ATM. As she was being arrested for criminal trespass, she was searched before being placed into the patrol car. Officers found prescription pills inside a small tan cloth bag. She claimed she was prescribed the pills but was unable to provide a prescription or the bottles.

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Taiesha Wiley charged with cocaine possession during traffic stop

Clarksville Police conducted a traffic stop on a Toyota Corolla driven by Arnaldo Courtlandt as he was driving while using high beams due to a headlight being out. In the passenger seat was 29-year-old Taiesha Wiley. Officer Lyssed Pacheco asked them to step out of the vehicle, and says Courtlandt then consented to a search of his person during the traffic stop for a bright headlight. Officers found marijuana on Courtlandt, and an NCIC check showed an active warrant for Wiley. A search incident to her arrest revealed cocaine inside a folded-up piece of paper on her person. Officers also located her backpack which contained a small baggie and a cut straw inside. Wiley was taken into custody.

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Clarksville Pornhub Model charged with crystal meth possession — Greyson Dean-Poirier

31-year-old Greyson Dean-Poirer was being transported by medics on February 10th and consented to a search by Clarksville Police. Officers located a small clear baggie containing crystal methamphetamine. Officers also located a second baggie containing meth inside a cigarette pack which Dean-Poirer had discarded nearby.

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Man admits to drinking, actually PASSES field sobriety tests — Zla Holder

Clarksville Police say 30-year-old Zla Holder failed to completely stop at a stop sign on the night of February 12th while driving his silver Ford F-150. As officer Steven Davis initiated a traffic stop and approached the vehicle, Holder fled the vehicle and ran behind a row of houses in the neighborhood. He was located soon after and gave consent to search his vehicle. Officers located an open bottle of Jameson, an open can of Mike’s Twisted Tea, two empty bottles of brandy, and 0.99 grams of marijuana.

Holder admitted to drinking at the casino earlier and consuming some of the Twisted Tea drink. Police say that “due to his ability to run while evading arrest, and successful completion of field sobriety tests” he was not charged with DUI.

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Fentanyl found in purse of shoplifting suspect — Tiana Thorpe

Clarksville Police say they searched the purse of 27-year-old Tiana Thorpe during a shoplifting investigation at Walmart on Fort Campbell Blvd and found 3 grams of a substance that tested positive for containing fentanyl, along with a straw and baggies with residue.

Thorpe is free on a $25,000 bond.

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