Ashley Price found drunk sitting in road after mom takes her keys & locks her out

28-year-old Ashley Price was sitting in the middle of Fallow Circle when officers responded to multiple calls about her causing a disturbance in the neighborhood. She was extremely intoxicated and became irate after her mother, Lora Smith, deemed her too drunk to drive and took her keys away from her. Her mother then locked her out of the house, leaving Ashley in the attached garage. Upset she was unable to drive, she vandalized items inside the garage, including stored decorations, and then covered the driveway in items she threw from the garage. She shattered the ring video doorbell in the process. The damage was estimated to be $2,600. A search incident to her arrest revealed a prescription bottle of Phentermine issued to Leo Moody.

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SMIC Director Nuno Resende charged in assault of two women in Clarksville

42-year-old Clarksville business owner Nuno Resende (Nuno Ricardo Pereira Resende) is charged with the domestic assault of his mother-in-law, Maria White. Police say he was intoxicated and arguing when he began to throw things in the kitchen of his home. During the tantrum he demanded to hold his baby, so his wife and mother-in-law took the child and retreated to the master bedroom, locking the door behind them. They say Nuno kicked open the door and pushed his mother-in-law, Maria White, onto the bed during the assault.

When police responded to take him into custody it was discovered he also had an outstanding warrant for assault on another woman, Jenny Neves, from 2019. That warrant alleges he pushed her down onto the ground twice, causing injury to her, while at the SMIC, Inc. office address.

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Shirtless man with wet pants found banging at 1AM — Gabriel Delaney arrested

Clarksville Police responded to Marla Drive at 1:30 a.m. on January 1st, to find 21-year-old Gabriel David Lee Delaney banging on the front door of a residence, causing an unwanted disturbance. Police describe him as “wearing only wet jeans” when they arrived, with a “pungent odor of alcohol”. He is charged with public intoxication.

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