DUI: Rowan Mitchell fails sobriety tests after swerving between lanes

21-year-old Rowan Mitchell was seen failing to maintain her driving lane during the early hours of May 5th. When officers told Mitchell to exit her vehicle, they noticed signs of intoxication. Mitchell was requested to take sobriety tests and ended up performing poorly. Rowan Mitchell was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence on May 5th.

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DUI: Stephen Holbert runs red light on Dover Road, tells officers “give me the f*cking felony!”

32-year-old Stephen Holbert was seen running a red light on Dover Road on April 16th. Officers made contact and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached Holbert. Holbert immediately got out of the car and demonstrated clear signs of being intoxicated. Holbert admitted to consuming alcohol, so officers requested him to perform field sobriety tests. Holbert consented to the sobriety tests but ended up performing poorly. After being taken into custody, Holbert was read implied consent and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

While at the magistrate’s window, Holbert became aggressive and noncompliant, stating that he was not going to the hospital. Holbert repeatedly said, “Go ahead and give me the f*cking felony!” According to officers at the Montgomery Sheriff’s Office, it took four officers to get Holbert inside a patrol car. Due to Holbert’s aggressive nature, he was not transported to the hospital due to safety concerns. During the investigation of the incident, the NCIC reported that Holbert’s license was revoked on February 12th for a DUI. Stephen Holbert was transported to Booking, where he was charged with driving under the influence, driving on a revoked license, and failing to obey traffic signals.

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