Former Soldier Kenneth McCormack kills pet lizard in fit of rage during argument with wife

25-year-old Former Soldier Kenneth McCormack was involved in a domestic incident with his wife, Tiffany Berriault, at their Jewel Drive residence on May 18th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Berriault. Berriault stated that during an argument with McCormack, he picked up their lizard’s cage and pushed it at her, causing bruising on her knees. Berriault then told officers that McCormack took the lizard out of the cage in a fit of rage and killed it in front of her. Law enforcement later spoke with McCormack. He stated that because he was infuriated, he took the lizard out of the cage, slammed it on the ground, and threw it in the backyard. Officers observed the bruising on Berriault’s knees as well as the deceased lizard in the backyard. Kenneth McCormack was taken into custody and charged with aggravated animal cruelty and domestic assault. McCormack was previously arrested in April 2023 for fleeing police during a traffic stop.

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