Kenwood High School “slumped” Instagram account features principal sleeping in class

A series of unofficial Kenwood High School Instagram accounts that students use for fun and to bring awareness of things around campus have popped up this school year. There’s KHS confessions, and even KHS Damages – which is used to document all the broken things in the school.

Currently gaining the most attention, though, is KHS Slumped – which documents people slumped over or sleeping at school. While it’s mostly fun and entertaining, a student says they have captured the best picture of all. The photo, taken in early November, appears to show Kenwood High School Principal Dr. James K. Bailey asleep at a desk in a classroom while students say he was doing a teacher observation.

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Kenwood High Teacher Brandon Stewart charged with DUI

36-year-old Brandon Allen Stewart, who teaches at Kenwood High School, was charged with DUI just before daylight Saturday morning. A DUI investigation began after an initial traffic stop for failing to maintain his lane of travel. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and smelled of alcohol, according to officers at the scene. A Tennesse Titans thermos was in the front cup holder and reportedly smelled of the same liquor on Stewart’s breath. Stewart had a prior DUI charge in 2013, which was reduced to reckless driving during a plea.

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Four Clarksville teens arrested in Nashville after TikTok Orbeez/Splat Gun Challenge on Broadway

Four Clarksville teens were arrested Saturday night after participating in the dangerous trending Nationwide TikTok Orbeez/Splat Gun Challenge. In the challenge, participants shoot unsuspecting people with gel-type pellets from Orbeez guns, some of which look like handguns and even rifles. They then post the videos on TikTok to share for engagement. Saturday night, four teens, including Ian Brown and Nashaud White, and two 17-year-old juveniles, shot the gel pellets from a moving Kia sedan on Broadway at unsuspecting people walking on Broadway. Once police stopped the vehicle, they also found an actual loaded (and stolen) handgun.

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