Lila Morgan pushes ex-boyfriend, charged with domestic assault

Joshua Johnson told police his ex-girlfriend (and mother of his child), 34-year-old Lila Morgan, came to his apartment on February 6 and began an argument. As the argument escalated, it became physical, and she reportedly moved toward Joshua in a threatening manner and pushed him. He told police he grabbed her and held her to get her under control. Once she calmed down, she left the apartment. She was located and charged with domestic assault.

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James Woodruff jailed after girlfriend calls 911 to report he scratched her

Haley Conner Woodruff called 911 to report her husband, 38-year-old Clifford ‘James’ Woodruff, left a mark on her arm when he grabbed the keys from her hands during an argument. Officer arrived at the Paradise Hill Road residence where the couple was arguing, reportedly over James cheating. James said nothing physical occurred between the two, however, with the scratch present he was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

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Man charged in domestic assault of wife — Chancellor Harrison Phillips arrested

24-year-old Chancellor Harrison Phillips is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Heidi Phillips. She left the house and arrived at Clarksville Police headquarters to report the couple had been in an argument of the discipline of their 2-year-old son when she says Harrison balled his fist and aggressively stated he hoped she wasn’t pregnant, or else he would knock the baby out of her.

She recounted this is how prior assaults began so she fled the residence.

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