Robert Jackson breaks girlfriend’s windshield over argument

28-year-old Robert Jackson was seen vandalizing his girlfriend, Ms. Hayes’ property, at her Coyote Court apartment residence on June 19th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Hayes, who stated that she got into an argument with Jackson. Hayes told officers they were arguing outside before she went inside, and they continued arguing over the phone. While on the phone with Jackson, she heard a smashing sound during their argument. Proceeding this, she waited for Jackson to leave before she went outside to see what the noise was. Hayes claimed that once she went outside, she saw that her vehicle had a cracked windshield, and next to it, there was a big piece of wood and food wrappers on the floor. On the car’s hood was a cookout bag from the food Jackson had just bought earlier in the night. Jackson fled the scene before officers arrived, and officers could not contact him. The estimated cost of the windshield is $400, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Jackson was found and taken into custody for vandalism on June 23rd.

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