DUI: Skylar McKinnie passes out on Dunlop Lane after drinking bottle of Hennessy

31-year-old Skylar McKinnie was seen in his red Chevy Malibu sitting at the intersection of Dunlop Lane and Ted Crozier Boulevard on June 21st. When officers arrived, they observed McKinnie asleep at the wheel with his car still in drive. Officers told McKinnie to turn his vehicle off, but he did not listen to the officers’ commands. Once officers tried to remove McKinnie from the car, he tensed up and tried to pull his arms away. The car was eventually put in park; however, McKinnie continued to resist commands and put the car back into drive. While interacting with McKinnie, officers observed the strong smell of alcohol and signs of intoxication. During a probable cause search of McKinnie’s Chevy Malibu, officers located an empty bottle of Hennessy. McKinnie was transported to the Montgomery County Jail for breath testing. McKinnie’s breath test resulted in a .127% BAC.

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