Takeila Smith punches girlfriend in bed during altercation

20-year-old Takeila Smith was involved in a domestic altercation with Ms. Mason-Austin at their Prewitt Lane residence on June 23rd. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Austin, who stated that she and Smith had gotten into a physical altercation. Austin claims that while she was lying down in bed, Smith began punching her, causing them to argue. Austin and Smith continued the argument downstairs into the backyard, and Austin claims that Smith then started stomping on her thigh while she was sitting on the ground next to an air vent. Officers then spoke with Smith in regards to the same situation, who claimed that Austin pulled her hair and pushed her into the air vent before punching her in the face using her phone. Both parties had injuries that officers observed. Both were deemed the primary aggressors, and Smith was taken into custody for domestic assault.

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