Woman with COVID, Rebecca Sealy, charged after coughing on husband to spread virus

31-year-old Rebecca Lee Sealy, who describes herself as a “Dom Fem” online, was jailed Tuesday after her husband, Ted Sealy, told police they were in the car together when she reached over and stuck two of her fingers in his mouth, pushing down on the back of his tongue, and coughed on him. Sealy reportedly recently tested positive for COVID-19, and her husband says she was purposefully coughing on him to spread the virus. Ted stated he felt assaulted and disrespected by his wife’s actions.

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Tequila Towns assaults girlfriend when she brings a 3rd woman home for them to share

Clarksville Police responded to a potential entanglement-in-progress at the Landings at Riverside Apartments on March 28th. Erin Brown told police that her girlfriend, 22-year-old Ft. Campbell Soldier Tequila Towns had brought her friend, Chianti Simmons, to the apartment and asked Towns if the three of them could have sexual relations together, which started an argument, resulting in Brown demanding that Towns leave the apartment.

As Brown was packing up Towns’ things, Towns reportedly pushed Brown and strangled her in a chokehold until she was unable to breathe, and officers document petechia in both eyes of the victim. The potential thruple applicant, Simmons, told police she heard some type of struggle coming from the bedroom and decided to call 911 when she says Towns was on top of Brown, assaulting her.

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Woman charged in assault of pregnant woman — Allison Grayson arrested

Kayla Lavell says she was taking cigarettes to her boyfriend at his workplace at Liberty Park when 24-year-old Allison Grayson confronted her. She says Grayson took a swing at her and missed, then shoved her against a vehicle. Lavell, who is pregnant, says she suffered pain during the incident and continues to have lingering backaches from the assault.

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Woman charged after making threats to harm roommate — Jazmine Jackson

25-year-old Jazmine Jackson was charged with domestic assault after police say she tossed her roommate’s belongings to the ground and texted her in an attempt to provoke her to return to the residence to physically harm her.

The victim, Kayla Vanzant, says she was in fear due to the threats.

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