Judge Adrienne Fry is now a defendant in an order of protection hearing against her

Judge Adrienne Fry is now a defendant in an order of protection hearing against her

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Adrienne Fry finds herself on the other side of the bench, as she was the subject of two orders of protection applications this week. Denny Lee Fry says his ex-wife, Judge Fry, appeared at his home on the morning of April 9 at 7:30 a.m. and repeatedly rang the doorbell. His current wife, Samantha, opened the door and asked how she could help. Judge Fry reportedly stepped up against the woman and tried to push her aside to enter the home. Samantha demanded that Adrienne not to touch her and to leave the property, but the Judge refused and continued to try to get around her and into the home. Denny reportedly witnessed Adrienne push her chest against his wife’s chest and attempt to enter the home. A neighbor witnessed the activity and came to the home to assist, causing Judge Fry to back down the steps and leave the property.

Judge Fry also reportedly sent two text messages prior to her arrival, threatening to contact the school of their shared daughter to report she may be absent for the day. The text read, “I’m going to email the principal and teachers to let me[sic] know that I have not heard of her whereabouts and do not know if she will be in school today.”

While an emergency order of protection was initially denied as the immediate danger had subsided, regular hearings were set to hear the applications, and Chief Justice Holly Kirby of the Supreme Court of Tennessee has issued a fiat designating Judge Blanton to hear the cases, which have been scheduled for later this month in Montgomery County, to determine is a long-term order should be granted.

This is a developing story, and we will publish updates as the case continues. Judge Fry did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the story prior to publication.


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