Soldier Jacob Liekhus charged with DUI after leaving Electric Cowboy club

21-year-old Jacob ‘Jake’ Liekhus was jailed on August 12th after police observed a black Ford F-150 swerving in and out of lanes on Fort Campbell Boulevard. They initiated a traffic stop and immediately noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Liekhus. Officers observed him to have slurred speech as he explained that he had been drinking at the troubled Electric Cowboy club. When police asked Liekhus to step out of the vehicle, he replied, “I’m going to let you know I’m pretty intoxicated.” Officers asked him how drunk he was, and he responded, “7 out of 10.” Liekhus consented to sobriety testing, performed poorly, and was taken into custody. He blew a 0.158% BAC on a breathalyzer. Liekhus lists his place of employment as B Company, 3-187 Infantry, Iron Rakkasans.

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DUI: Garret Knight crashes in parking lot of Electric Cowboy bar

22-year-old Garret Knight was booked on August 12th after police responded to a crash at the troubled Electric Cowboy bar. Police could smell alcohol coming from him, and Knight told them he had 2-3 beers and was just trying to leave, but he turned the wheel too soon and hit the parked GMC pickup truck next to him. He performed poorly on sobriety tests and blew a 0.150% BAC on a breathalyzer.

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Nalayah Barker jail on $3K bond after found high on marijuana in public

20-year-old Nalayah Barker was jailed on August 11th after police responded to the Red Roof Inn for a report of a woman trying to get into someone’s car. When police arrived, they observed Barker trying to open a car door and a man trying to stop her. They asked her what was going on as she swayed back and forth, mumbling. They noticed her pupils were dilated and asked if there was anyone they could call to pick her up, to which she replied, “It’s hot.” Police also noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from her and determined she was a danger to herself and the public. Ms. Barker was taken into custody and searched. Marijuana was found on her person.

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Steven Gonzales says he had “a few drinks” before crashing on Dunbar Cave Road

31-year-old Steven Gonzales was jailed on August 7th after crashing on Dunbar Cave Road. Police responded to the crash and immediately noticed that Gonzales was intoxicated. The odor of alcohol was coming off his body, and he couldn’t stand on his feet. He admitted to having a few drinks before driving. He was transported to Tennova to be medically cleared before being taken to Montgomery County Jail.

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Jeremiah Carter drunk and disorderly at the Days Inn

26-year-old Jeremiah Carter was booked on August 9th after police found him outside the Days Inn in North Clarksville drunk and possibly high on narcotics. He was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes, and slurred when he spoke. Carter was a public nuisance and a danger to others by threatening a woman who was sitting in her vehicle. He admitted to drinking alcohol, and officers located 3.3 grams of marijuana in his pocket.

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Olivia Allen charged with hitting her mother during custody dispute over a child

22-year-old Olivia Allen was jailed on August 9th for hitting her mother when she suggested going to court over a child custody matter. Police responded to Springlot Road and spoke with Allen’s mother, who is the victim, and her father, the witness. They stated that earlier that morning, Olivia had hit her mother in the back of the head. Olivia admitted to hitting her mother and explained it was because she got frustrated when her mother said they could go to court over her child, knowing Olivia didn’t have the money for court.

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Lacie Reynolds said she “had to go!” and fled after hitting another vehicle

32-year-old Lacie Reynolds was booked last week on an outstanding warrant from April when she caused an accident on Fort Campbell Boulevard and fled the scene. Lacresha Locke was the driver of the vehicle that was hit by Reynold’s blue Honda Accord in front of the Taco Bell. After the collision, Locke and the other vehicle pulled into the parking lot; Reynolds got out and told Locke “not to call the police.” She then ran in the direction of Bank of America.

There was another female on the scene named Ginger Johnson, who told police that her daughter was the driver during the accident and told her she “had to go” after the crash. Contact wasn’t able to be made with Reynolds, but after police ran her name, they discovered she was driving on a revoked license. Her driver’s license was revoked due to her driving on a suspended license.

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Kimberly Ramey jailed after hit-and-run; her daughter turned her in

55-year-old Kimberly Ramey was booked last week on an outstanding warrant from May when she hit and injured another driver on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. The victim Ms. Lisa McMurtry went to the police station and pointed out Brenaia Ramey in a photo lineup. Police contacted Brenaia, who stated she was indeed a passenger at the time of the collision, but her mother, Kimberly, was the driver. It was determined the vehicle left the scene prior to any parties exchanging information or contacting police. It was later discovered through NCIC that Kimberly was driving with a suspended license.

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Aaron Scott jailed after attempting to pass fake $100 bill at Governor’s Square Mall

29-year-old Aaron Scott was jailed on August 10th after attempting to purchase merchandise from Dicks Sporting Goods with a counterfeit 100-dollar bill. The complainant provided police with a picture of Scott, and he was positively identified at another store in the mall. He admitted to trying to use the bill and stated that the store wouldn’t take it. The cashier advised Scott that he was attempting to use a counterfeit bill, yet Scott continued to try to use the bill at Box Lunch and JC Penny after the initial incident at Dick’s Sporting Goods. All three stores refused the bill advising it was fake.

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DUI: Lauren Elizabeth Pipkin says she drank and took Rx meds before crashing into fence

33-year-old Lauren Pipkin was jailed on August 10th after police responded to a caller that observed a red Buick Enclave hit a fence, go the wrong way around a roundabout, drive through the grass, and park in a parking spot with the driver slumped over the wheel. When police arrived, Pipkin was still in the driver’s seat with the key inside the vehicle. She slurred her speech as she admitted to drinking alcohol and using prescription medication before driving. Police found an almost empty bottle of vodka in her passenger’s seat and asked her to consent to sobriety testing. She performed poorly and was transported to Sango ER for a blood draw.

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Sahvannah Penhollow slept while daughters injured themselves, asked neighbor for help

27-year-old Sahvannah Penhollow was awakened by police entering her home after her daughter asked the neighbor for help. The neighbor, Foster Sayles, was the one that called the police and asked them to come to the residence on Power St. because Sahvannah’s daughter told Foster through the window that she had burned her hand.

When he arrived, Officer Ventura heard the little girl in the house, so he knocked loudly. The daughter let the officer in and told them where her mother was sleeping, so he announced himself loudly. Sahvannah came out of the room, dazed as if she had just woken up, and told police that she was just asleep. Her other daughter was in the living room holding onto a chair with dry wax on her arm. The daughter that let the police in said that she burnt her balloon with a Febreeze canister in her room when she tried to cook rice and burned her hand. She said that when she reacted to burning her hand, she knocked off a candle that got into her hair and on her sister’s arm.

Police observed dirty diapers, old food, dirty pads, three-inch nails, more trash, and food all over the floor. Inside Sahvannah’s room, they found 74 grams of field-tested-positive marijuana, a glass pipe, a rolling tray, and a grinder. Penhollow was jailed on multiple counts of child abuse and drug-related charges.

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Tippers’ employee Allysa Reister bites & spits on a paramedic trying to help her

26-year-old Allysa Reister passed out and was found unresponsive at Tippers, where she works, before she reportedly bit a paramedic. Officers arrived at Tippers on May 27th and found Allysa with EMS very intoxicated on an unknown substance, unable to walk. After EMS determined that she was a danger to herself, they and CFR personnel attempted to place her on a gurney to transport her. She resisted and attempted to bite a paramedic, but first responders got her into the ambulance. While in the ambulance, the paramedics tried to get Allysa’s vitals when she bit the paramedic’s left arm. Police reported that it caused immediate bruising and drew blood. During transport, she slipped her feet restraints, kicked machines in the ambulance, and spit on the paramedic. A warrant was issued for her arrest the following day, and she was booked on that warrant this week.

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Cody Busbin charged with violating an order of protection by contacting his wife via an app

29-year-old Cody Busbin’s wife called the police and spoke to them when they arrived at the residence on Chester Harris Rd on August 5th. Jenna Busbin, his wife, told them that she had a full protection order against Cody. The order of protection states that they can only communicate through an application called “Our Family Wizard” when it pertains solely to their child. This is to include school or visitation. That day she said that Cody contacted her through the “Our Family Wizard” app to tell her to gather her belongings from a truck he was selling. Since the communication did not pertain to their child, it violated the protection order.

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Jarred Morse charged in assault of his husband after argument over infidelity

33-year-old Jarred Morse was jailed on August 7th after assaulting his husband at their home on Deer Ridge Drive. Hughes White told police he and Morse were in the living room arguing about infidelity when White told Morse he was going to call the police. Morse snatched the cell phone from his hand, which caused White to believe he would be assaulted further. He pushed Morse and was able to get his phone back to call the police. Morse made threats of harming himself and left before the police arrived.

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Jaydee Davis charged with DUI at Circle K on Dover Road

33-year-old Jaydee Davis was jailed on August 6th after police responded to a potentially impaired driver at the Circle K on Dover Road. Police observed Davis in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with the engine running and immediately noticed her speech was slurred. When she exited the vehicle, they observed Davis unsteady on her feet and asked her to consent to sobriety testing, but she was unable to complete the tasks and was taken into custody.

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Stephanie Sims jailed after assaulting another woman

39-year-old Stephanie Sims was booked on an outstanding warrant from July 20th when she reportedly punched Antoinette Bessellieu in the face after an argument between the two about Sim’s adult daughter, Nashayla Young. The punch left visible lacerations on Antionette’s face, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

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Mark Sandfer passes out in parking lot of Electric Cowboy nightclub

31-year-old Mark Sandfer was jailed on August 5th after a passerby found him passed out in the parking lot of the troubled Electric Cowboy nightclub. The woman reported that she woke him up so he wouldn’t get hit by a car. When police arrived, Sandfer was sitting on the ground leaning up against a car, appearing to be extremely intoxicated. After the officers spoke with him, they allowed him to go back inside Electric Cowboy to find his cousin so he could get a ride home. Shortly after, Sandfer was found walking behind City Trends and was taken into custody as he was deemed a danger to himself.

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Tiana Rock charged in assault of 15-year-old daughter

38-year-old Tiana Rock was jailed on August 6th after reportedly assaulting her 15-year-old daughter at their home on Bonnie Blue Avenue. Police spoke with the minor victim, who stated that she and her mother got into an argument that turned physical when they entered a bathroom, and her mother grabbed her shoulder and squeezed while pushing her backward into the shower.

The victim said at this point, she punched her mother twice to try to get her to let go then she slipped and fell to the ground trying to get away. While the victim was on the ground, Ms. Rock grabbed her by the collar of the shirt, trying to pull her up. Police observed the victim’s shirt with a ripped collar and bruising forming on her upper right shoulder near the base of her neck. Ms. Rock was placed into custody and transported to Montgomery County Jail, leaving behind two other children that are in her custody.

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Henry Sifre charged in assault of wife; who gouged his eyes in self-defense

45-year-old Henry Sifre was jailed on August 6th after his wife called 911 the night prior, reporting that she’d been hit. The operator heard a woman crying and stating something about being hit, and police were sent to Kettering Court. When officers arrived, they saw Sifre and his wife, Yvonne Hertlein, outside, screaming at each other. When Yvonne saw the police approaching, she screamed for them to keep Sifre away from her. She told police that Sifre and his friend were watching a boxing match.

When Sifre’s friend left, he came into the room where Yvonne was in bed watching tv and fell asleep next to her. When he woke up, they got into an argument, and he came toward her aggressively, so she grabbed a toothbrush to defend herself. Sifre threw her on the bed, got on top of her, and began strangling her. Yvonne struggled to breathe and dug her fingers into Sifre’s eyes to try to get him to let her go. When she did this, he bit her right index finger, but she was able to break free and make her way outside to her car. Sifre followed her, screaming at her, then took her keys and pulled her out of the car by her hair.

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Tessa Luntz named City of Clarksville’s Human Resources Director

Tessa Luntz has been named Director of Human Resources for the City of Clarksville, effective immediately.

Having most recently served as the department’s Deputy Director and as Interim Director when the top position was vacated, Luntz now permanently ascends to the head of the department that is devoted to developing and supporting the City’s workforce in the areas of benefits and compensation, employee relations, Equal Employment Opportunity, Risk Management, safety, and workplace training.

Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts said Luntz is well-equipped to lead at the next level in HR for the City’s multi-faceted workforce. “Tessa brings a depth and breadth of experience in human resources to the city, and has a proven record of success in developing the talent to provide first-class service to our citizens.” Mayor Pitts said.

“Her thorough knowledge of the law and her problem-solving attitude make her the right choice to lead our city during these challenging days of recruiting and retaining top talent. I could not be more pleased that she has accepted the position of Director of Human Resources,” he said.

A Clarksville native with vast professional and educational experience in the field of human resources, Luntz said she is eager to serve the City as department Director. “I am honored to continue serving the City of Clarksville and the wonderful employees within this organization in a different capacity,” Luntz said.

“I look forward to this opportunity, and I am equipped with the knowledge, competencies, and experience to lead the City of Clarksville’s Human Resources department as we incorporate the components of Mayor Pitts’ strategic vision,” she said.

An Austin Peay State University graduate who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (2015) and a Master of Science Degree in Management (2018), Luntz is also certified through the Society for Human Resources Management.

She began working in the public sector at the state level, with the State of Tennessee Department of Human Resources, in 2016. 

Luntz joined the City of Clarksville Human Resources department in January 2020. 

She has been married to her husband, Austin Luntz, for four years, and they welcomed their first daughter, Amelia, in April 2023.

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