Adam Welch eats marijuana during traffic stop on Riverside Drive in Clarksville

Police say 34-year-old Adam Welch was driving for an extended period of time on the center lane on Riverside Drive just after 2 p.m. on January 11 and almost caused an accident with another vehicle. Officers initiated a traffic stop, and Welch produced a revoked driver’s license. Officers ordered him out of the vehicle and noticed green shake on his pants leg. It was quickly realized he had attempted to swallow marijuana. A search of his mouth was conducted, and there was marijuana in his mouth, which was retrieved, and a pack of cigarillos was located inside the vehicle. He was out on bond for two other incidents at the time of his arrest, both of which conditions prohibit him from possessing any controlled substances.

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Tessa Travis: magic mushrooms, marijuana, MDMA, guns, and cash, oh my!

23-year-old Tessa Nicole Travis is free on a $70,000 bond after Clarksville Police raided her home on December 28th to execute a search warrant. Inside the home, agents seized marijuana, MDMA, smoked blunts, THC vapes, THC edibles, THC wax, THC drinks, and over 100 grams of psilocybin mushrooms. Paraphernalia was also located, including rolling rays with residue, grinders, multiple phones, bongs, and plastic baggies. Cash, a shotgun, and a Glock handgun were also seized. A co-defendant, Brent Davis, was also charged.

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Bryce Hirkala tosses drugs into water after crashing BMW while on state probation

21-year-old Bryce Carl Hirkala was arrested Monday around midnight. Officers responding to a wreck at Little Hope Rd and Hwy 76 were told by a witness that the driver of the black BMW involved in the wreck was seen throwing a backpack into the water before authorities arrived on the scene. Bryce Hirkala was identified as the driver of the black BMW, and officers did recover a backpack from the water, which contained marijuana and drug-related paraphernalia, including a rolling tray and cigarillos. More marijuana and drug-related paraphernalia was found in the vehicle after being searched. He was arrested and transported to Montgomery County Jail for booking.

In August 2022, Hirkala was given judicial diversion on two felony drug charges and was placed on state probation.

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Clarksville Police seize over 5 pounds of Fentanyl in Montgomery Commons Apartment — Alexus Bush & Arsenio Chandler arrested

28-year-old Alexus Unique Bush & 34-year-old Arsenio Dontrell Chandler face multiple charges after Clarksville Police executed a search warrant and recovered 5.89 pounds of Fentanyl, 338 grams of marijuana, 64 grams of methamphetamine, scales, baggies, and handguns. The warrant was executed at the Montgomery Commons apartment belonging to Alexus Bush. Just prior to the raid, officers observed Arsenio Chandler arrive and depart from the location, and he had a key to the residence.

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Eddie Hampton charged after family spat with brother, petty police make arrest

When Clarksville Police Officer Daniel Smith responded to a family squabble Tuesday evening, he would eventually charge 19-year-old Eddie Mark Hampton with underage drinking, possession of a cigarillo, possession of less than 0.5 oz of marijuana, and domestic assault. The reason for the call? Eddie was reportedly arguing with his brother, Ethan Hampton, and “shoved him.” according to a police report. Ethan then pushed him to the ground and out the door of the residence.

Officers located Eddie just down the street and took him into custody for the assault. During the arrest, they located the tiniest amount of marijuana and a cigarillo. Eddie says his brother tackled him, but he did not remember shoving his brother. He says his family gave him the alcohol he was drinking, and the family says he brought it with him to the house.

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Kayla Meives charged after using drugs in Sonic stall with young daughter in vehicle

35-year-old Kayla Jo Meives faces child abuse/neglect and drug paraphernalia charges after Clarksville Police were notified she was nodding off while parked in a Sonic stall for over ten minutes with a 7-year-old child in the vehicle. As Officer Andrew Ramirez approached the driver’s side of her vehicle, he noticed she was holding a dollar bill with white powder/residue on it. She quickly stuffed it into her purse before stepping out of the Kia Sorento and admitted it was “more than a dollar bill.” Inside the vehicle, multiple dollar bills with drug residue were found, and a field test on them returned as positive for Fentanyl.

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