Hugh Thames lies to police about girlfriend overdosing on crack

44-year-old Hugh Thames Jr was at Marathon Gas station on November 5th when he was giving CPR to a female who was overdosing. Officers arrived and asked Thames if he knew the female, and he told them he didn’t. He said to them that he noticed her collapse on the street and drove her to the gas station to get help. Officers picked up Thames’s personal information while he led them to the initial place where he found her. Thames’s information didn’t come up, so they asked again for his social security number, and he gave them a different number. It was discovered that Thames had multiple non-extraditable warrants in other states. This led to officers asking for consent to search his room, which he granted. While at the hotel, Thames told officers that he had crack cocaine in the room as well as where to find it. Officers also found devices that Thames claimed were used to “push crack.” Thames also told them that the female that he was giving CPR to was his girlfriend, who was overdosing on the crack they were smoking. She fell over and hit her head, so he grabbed her and rushed to the hospital but had to make a stop at the gas station when she became unresponsive. Thames was taken into custody and charged with false report, simple possession/casual exchange, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and criminal impersonation.

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