Brandy Gray charged with child abuse after leaving child home alone

33-year-old Brandy Gray was jailed on June 12th after leaving her 4-year-old autistic son home alone for over an hour and a half. Neighbors on Sunfield Drive reported a child running around the neighborhood with no shoes and no supervision. The complainant and her husband said they saw the boy return to his house but ran back out. They said while he was outside unsupervised, he was almost hit by a truck. When police arrived, they saw where the boy lived and noticed the front door was open. The officer entered the home, announced himself, and the boy walked down the stairs. There was no one else in the house. Police called Gray, who advised that she left the boy home alone after receiving a call that her grandmother had fallen, but she was on her way back from exit 40, where her grandmother lives.

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Elizabeth Boyd charged with domestic assault of girlfriend during family rumble

41-year-old Elizabeth Boyd was jailed on June 10th after getting into a fight with her girlfriend on Elaine Drive. When police arrived, they spoke with N’Kosi Boyd, who told police he was trying to break up the fight between his mother, Elizabeth Boyd, and her girlfriend Shawnta Godfrey. Both women gave conflicting stories to the police, and officers could not determine who was the primary aggressor. Ms. Boyd and Ms. Godfrey were both arrested as they took the altercation beyond the scope of self-defense.

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Sedrick Pete charged with public intoxication after leaving Clarksville bar

35-year-old Sedrick Pete was jailed on June 9th when police responded to Park Lane to find him lying passed out on the ground next to the road at Park Lane / Rebecca Lane. When he awoke, police could smell alcohol coming from his body, and he admitted to coming from a nearby bar. Mr. Pete was taken into custody as he was unable to care for himself.

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Martavious Votaw (Sam Go Hard) calls 911 on his girlfriend; he goes to jail

29-year-old Martavious Votaw, known locally as “Sam Go Hard,” called 911 just after 2 a.m. on June 11 to report his girlfriend, OnlyFans superstar Alyssa Hoffman (Jewel Next Door), cut him with a pair of scissors. Officers responded to the Dunbar Cave Road residence, where Alyssa stated she was attempting to make Votaw leave her residence as an argument turned physical. She says she went to put Votaw’s computer outside, and he became enraged and “flung her around the room.” She says she was then pushed to the ground, and may have used the scissors in self-defense. Officers observed multiple bruises on the arms of Alyssa and documented them in photographs. Votaw was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

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Thomas Wynne charged with DUI after swerving on Wilma Rudolph Blvd

25-year-old Thomas Wynne was jailed on June 9th after police responded to a call of a dark-colored Ford F-150 swerving and driving in the middle lane. Police observed Wynne swerving in and out of lanes and slowing down significantly at a green light. Police followed the vehicle approximately a mile before pulling him over near Alfred Thun Road. When the officer spoke with Wynne, he noticed bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of alcohol emitting from his body. He had difficulty forming sentences but managed to tell the police that he had nothing alcoholic to drink. The officer told him that he could smell alcohol coming from his body, to which he then admitted he had two drinks. He refused to perform sobriety tests and was transported to Tennova for a blood draw before being booked into jail.

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Birthday boy goes berserk at Mr. Billy’s Bar & Grill — William Best jailed

29-year-old William Best was jailed on June 10th for assaulting his ex-girlfriend after his birthday celebration. Andrea Munsell went out to Billy’s Bar & Grill to celebrate her ex’s birthday. While at the bar, Mr. Best was extremely drunk and calling her derogatory names, so she decided to leave the bar. As Ms. Munsell walked out, Mr. Best followed after her. She got into her car, and Best stopped her from closing her door and screamed in her face.

As he screamed, she could feel spit fly onto her face, so she turned her head, and when she did, Mr. Best grabbed her by the arm and back of the neck and yanked her toward him, screaming, “Look at me!” A crowd of people witnessed the incident and surrounded Mr. Best, telling him to get his hands off of Ms. Munsell. The crowd physically moved Mr. Best and told Ms. Munsell to leave.

While she was in the process of leaving, Mr. Best walked over and said, “yea, f*/ucking leave b*/ch” then started punching her front bumper, leaving two big dents. Ms. Munsell drove around to cool off before heading to her house. When she arrived, Mr. Best was already there. He told her he was there to apologize for how he acted; he was just really drunk.

Ms. Munsell let him in, but then they started arguing about her not wanting to be with him. When Mr. Best started yelling again, Ms. Munsell turned around on the couch and covered herself with a blanket. He ripped off her blanket and grabbed both of her arms. He squeezed until she couldn’t move and yelled, “Why don’t you love me!” When he finally let her go, she went upstairs and fell asleep, and Mr. Best fell asleep on the couch. She waited until the next day when he was gone to call the police because she was too afraid to call with him there.

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Joseph Weston charged in assault of girlfriend, Selena Loubardo

22-year-old Joseph Weston was jailed on June 10th after his girlfriend Selena Loubardo called the police, reporting that Weston had pushed her onto the bed and grabbed her around her body with his arms. He then dragged her out of the bedroom by her waist. Police saw marks on her neck near her shoulder. Weston had a prior charge of domestic abuse that has been expunged, according to police.

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William Barton charged in assault of girlfriend, Mariah Rittenberry

18-year-old William Barton was jailed on June 11th after calling 911 on himself and stating that he assaulted his girlfriend and would kill her if officers didn’t arrive soon. He told police he and his girlfriend, Mariah Rittenberry, got into an argument, and he punched holes in the wall because he was angry but didn’t touch her.

Mariah told police that Barton got angry, threw her on the bed, and pinned her down because she wouldn’t give him her car keys. She told him several times to get off of her, and when he did, he started punching holes in the wall to avoid hitting her. She stated she was terrified. At this point, Barton called 911 on himself and threw her phone inside the drywall, where it was lost. Barton’s sister told police she witnessed her brother throw Mariah on the bed and punch holes in the wall.

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Shawta Godfrey jailed after family brawl with her girlfriend

35-year-old Shawta Godfrey was jailed on June 10th after getting into a fight with her girlfriend on Elaine Drive. When police arrived, they spoke with N’Kosi Boyd, who told officers he was trying to break up the fight between his mother, Elizabeth Boyd, and her girlfriend. Both women gave conflicting stories to the police, and officers could not determine who was the primary aggressor. Ms. Boyd and Ms. Godfrey were both arrested as they took the altercation beyond the scope of self-defense.

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One of Fort Campbell’s finest charged with DUI during wild ride — Carson Dempsey

19-year-old Fort Campbell 15U Chinook mechanic Carson Dempsey was driving his grey Ford F-150 on the afternoon of June 10 when he passed a sheriff’s department deputy at 75 mph in a 55 mph zone while swerving all across the road. The deputy was actually en route to multiple calls about the same vehicle driving recklessly. He conducted a traffic stop and immediately smelled alcohol coming from Dempsey. Dempsy stated he had “two or three beers” before driving, but inside the vehicle was an empty bottle of vodka, an empty bottle of rum, and an almost empty bottle of vodka. Dempsey was transported to jail, where he faces multiple charges.

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DUI: Soldier Trent Geer plows through ditch at 2 a.m. on Dover Rd

23-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Joshua Trent Geer ran through a ditch near the Exxon on Dover Road just before 2 a.m. on June 10 and was found with his airbags deployed and two front flat tires by responding officers. He stated he “might have caught the corner of the ditch” when asked what happened. He admitted to consuming two Pabst Blue Ribbon beers before driving and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He was transported to Tennova for a blood draw, and then to booking.

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Tatiana Bacon, 18, drank four Twisted Teas before “driving from party to party”

18-year-old Tatiana Bacon was traveling behind a sheriff’s deputy just before 2 a.m. on June 10 when it became apparent she was accelerating at a high rate of speed and then following too closely. Another officer conducted a traffic stop on Bacon, who was driving the vehicle. She told police she was “going from one party to another” and had consumed “four Twisted Teas” prior to driving. She reeked of alcohol and had trouble standing, according to officers.

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Emma Hayes assaults boyfriend with baby bottle, punches him, spills his beer

19-year-old Emma Hayes was jailed on June 8th after assaulting her husband at their home on Stateline Road. Zachary Hayes told police that he was in bed drinking a beer when Emma came into the room and threw a baby bottle at his head. He spilled his beer and tossed it to the floor next to Emma. When Zachary got up to clean up the mess, Emma got in his face and began yelling. According to Zachary, at this point, Emma started to push him and hit him in his face and body until he pushed her off.

Police saw redness on Zachary’s face. Emma admitted throwing the baby bottle at her husband but never intended to hit him. She also said she only pushed Zachary so she could get away from him. Emma admitted to striking her husband in his body but said she never hit him in the face. She told police that after Zachary pushed her, he started yelling in her face and bit her. Police didn’t find any marks or injuries to Emma and noted that she changed her story several times. Due to the inconsistencies, Emma was determined as the primary aggressor.

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Devan Tanksley charged after recklessly riding motorcycle without helmet or tags

22-year-old Devan Tanksley was jailed on June 8th after police attempted to pull him over for riding his motorcycle without a helmet on 41-A. Tanksley also didn’t have visible tags attached to his bike. When he noticed he was being pulled over, he drove off but eventually looped his way back to officers. It was discovered Tanksley’s license had been suspended since October 2022 for failing to pay his fines.

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