Cam’Ron Walker dumps bottle of water on girlfriend’s head during argument

19-year-old Cam’Ron Walker was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Aryaunna Bradley, at their Stillwood Drive residence on March 27th. Officers contacted Bradley, who stated that she and Walker had an argument. During the argument, Walker became increasingly angry and dumped a bottle of water on Bradley’s head while she was holding their child. Walker proceeded to throw Bradley’s items outside, damaging her TV and picture frames. When officers came into contact with Walker, he admitted to pouring water on Bradley and throwing her personal items outside. Cam’Ron Walker was taken into custody and charged with vandalism and domestic assault.

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Shane Francis destroys girlfriend’s belongings after dispute over money

26-year-old Shane Francis was caught vandalizing his girlfriend’s apartment on March 26th. When officers arrived at Needmore Road and spoke to Ms. Green, she told them that Francis had destroyed property inside her apartment after he locked her out.

Ms. Green listed off the damaged items: a Black & Decker microwave, a Maytag dryer, several pieces of her clothing, and medication. The microwave’s door frame had been ripped off and damaged. The Maytag dryer had a large amount of wet washing detergent thrown in it. Ms. Green’s clothing and various medications were thrown in the bathtub with running water. The total cost of the damage Francis caused was deemed to be greater than $1000.

Francis stated that he had damaged the property because he was frustrated with Ms. Green because of a dispute over money. Shane Francis was then taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

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Reece Gorton drags “cheating” girlfriend out of party

27-year-old Reece Gorton was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Jaden Athearn, at West Fork Crossings on March 16th. When officers arrived at the mentioned location, they made contact with Brandon Barron, who stated that he was having a small get-together with his friends at his apartment. He then advised that Gorton made his way to the party and said he knew Anthearn was there and was cheating on him, so he kicked Barron’s door down and went inside. Gorton noticed someone named Kenley Chadwick there with Athearn, so he punched him in the face. Afterward, Gorton grabbed Athearn’s arm and forcefully pulled her out of the apartment. When Gorton noticed that Athearn wasn’t trying to leave, he went outside and broke both side view mirrors by kicking them. Reece Gorton was taken into custody and charged with aggravated burglary, domestic assault, and vandalism.

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Tyesha White grabs woman by hair, breaks her front door during altercation

24-year-old Tyesha White was involved in an altercation with Canel Scott at her Shorehaven residence on March 9th. White arrived at Scott’s residence and was immediately asked to leave. White refused to do so and grabbed Scott by her hair. The two were then separated, and Scott’s son escorted her away from the residence. However, White returned to the residence and attempted to get back in. After failing to do so, White broke the front door, causing damage worth $300. Tyesha White was taken into custody and charged with assault and vandalism.

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Savon Stewart busts ex-girlfriend’s window after being kicked out of apartment

24-year-old Savon Stewart was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Princess Williams, at her Liberty Home Apartment on March 9th. Officers arrived at the mentioned location and made contact with Williams. She stated that Stewart had recently been kicked out but showed up early in the morning, asking to be let in. Williams informed officers that she didn’t answer the door but heard Stewart say, ” I’m going to have to smash the window to wake her up.” Shortly after, Williams heard an object hit her window, breaking the glass in two different spots.

While officers were on the scene, Stewart knocked on Williams’ door. He came inside and officers observed the strong odor of alcohol coming from him. He told officers that he had been drinking Bud Lite earlier in the night and was trying to find a place to sleep. Officers found a Bud Lite bottle directly beneath Williams’ busted window. The cost to replace the window was estimated at around $400. Savon Stewart was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

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Joe Jackson assaults fiancé, breaks her phone after she sprays dog in face

23-year-old Joe Jackson, an employee of Jostens, was involved in a domestic altercation with his fiancé, Asia Parks, at their residence on Abby Creek Drive on March 4th. When officers contacted them at the mentioned location, they were both still upset. The altercation stemmed from Parks spraying anti-itch medicine on the dog, which got into the dog’s eyes. Jackson became upset, so Parks went into the bedroom to separate herself from him. Jackson followed her into the room and started arguing with her. Parks walked to the front door to separate herself from Jackson again. As she turned her back to Jackson, he pushed her. Parks returned to the bedroom after sitting on the balcony for some time. When she entered the bedroom, Jackson got in her face to the point that his forehead was touching hers. Parks proceeded to pull his hair and place her hands around his neck. She informed law enforcement that she did this because he would not leave her alone after she asked him to multiple times. Toward the end of the incident, Parks stated that Jackson had her iPhone 11 in his pocket and refused to return it to her. When Parks went into his pocket and got her phone back, Jackson grabbed the phone out of her hand and threw it on the ground. This caused the phone to break, causing $300 worth of damage. Joe Jackson was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and vandalism.

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John Dowlen breaks girlfriend’s car window during argument

25-year-old John Andretrius Dowlen had a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend, Zikia Henderson, at her Ringgold Court Apartment on February 11th. Officers were dispatched to Dowlen’s Sampson Street residence and were advised that he and Henderson argued in her car. Dowlen exited the vehicle to de-escalate the situation, but she followed him. Then, he tried to reenter the vehicle, but she locked the doors, so he started hitting the window, trying to get her to unlock it. After he hit the passenger’s side window three times, it broke. Dowlen was taken into custody for vandalism.

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Antwaun Jones throws vase during argument with mother

43-year-old Antwaun Jones was involved in a domestic dispute with Casondra Nelson at their shared Ashford Place apartment on February 25th. When officers made contact with Nelson, she told them that Jones had been yelling and cussing at her all day. Jones’s aggression led to him shattering her red vase on the floor. He then said something about her being next, which placed Nelson in fear for her safety. Antwaun Jones was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

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Brian Booker “King of Petty,” vandalizes his mother’s house

23-year-old Brian Booker was involved in a dispute with his mother, Mitzila Booker, at their shared Raleigh Court townhouse on February 20th. When officers arrived, Mitzila stated that Brian got angry with her, destroyed her makeup box, and smashed and poured her makeup into the bathroom sink. She then informed them that Brian had turned on every faucet in the house, causing minor flood damage. He also left every door to their home open before leaving. Mitzila told officers that this is not the first time Brian has done something like this and that she keeps a lock on her bedroom door for safety. Brian Booker was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

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Jessica Sullens shatters man’s front door after catching him with another woman

31-year-old Jessica Sullens was seen breaking a man’s door handle after showing up unannounced at his residence at Winding Bluff on February 19th. The male victim stated that after Sullens left a bar, she went to his house without prior notice. Once Sullens was inside, she became upset because she had seen him with another woman. He asked her to leave, but as she exited the door, she broke the door handle off and threw it at the front door, shattering the glass. When officers made contact with Sullens, she stated that she was invited over and gave them evidence of the victim doing so. However, she was still taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

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Michael Posey causes over $1000 in damages to girlfriend’s car

21-year-old Michael Posey was involved in an altercation with his girlfriend, Zilayzha Gilliam, at the Cumberland Manor Apartments on February 20th. When officers arrived, they observed Posey in a gold Nissan Versa with the front bumper hanging off the frame. Officers told Posey to exit the vehicle. He complied, but once he got out, he took off, and a short foot chase commenced. An officer chased Posey to Gilliam’s apartment, where he was taken into custody. While the officer was there, Gilliam informed him that she and Posey were in an argument. During the argument, Posey told her that he was going to “mess up her car.” The officer observed that Gilliam’s car seemed to have damage that would amount to more than $1000. Multiple witnesses stated they had seen Posey ram his vehicle into another.

Two hours after the arrest, officers caught Posey throwing a chair against the wall inside the interview room. As a result, the chair leg was bent, and several holes were created in the wall.

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Carson Ashby breaks windows, assaults brother during altercation

22-year-old Carson Ashby was involved in an altercation with his juvenile brother at their father’s shared residence on Indian Creek Road on February 21st. Deputies arrived at the named location regarding a caller who said they saw Ashby throwing things through the windows and fighting someone. Once deputies made contact with Ashby, he was too upset to talk at the time. However, Ashby’s brother told officers that Ashby had been drinking and was upset, so he started busting windows at the residence. Ashby’s brother tried to calm him down, but that was when he and Ashby got into an altercation. When Deputies attempted to detain Ashby, he resisted by grabbing the patrol car door and tensing up his arms. The broken windows were valued at $500. Carson Ashby was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault, resisting arrest, contempt, and vandalism.

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Timothy Harrison cuts valve stem off cop car tells officer “you cut me off”

30-year-old Timothy Harrison was caught vandalizing the left tire of an officer’s vehicle at Dover Road on February 16th. The officer observed Harrison walk behind his car at a red light and bend down near his rear left tire. When the officer got out and approached Harrison, he found that he was trying to cut his valve stem with diagonal cutters. Harrison was asked what he was doing, and he told him, “You cut me off.” He attempted to return to his vehicle but was stopped and taken into custody.

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Patience Carbone damages woman’s phone, bites ex-boyfriend’s nipple during dispute

25-year-old Patience Carbone was involved in a domestic dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Stark, at Whitfield Road on February 11th. Due to breaking up the day prior, Carbone went to the mentioned location to get her belongings from Stark. Carbone still owned a spare key to the apartment, and upon entering, she found a female friend of Stark’s and became furious. Carbone tossed pizza sauce on the floor, grabbed the woman’s phone, and ran outside. Stark followed her out of the house to get the phone. At some point during the incident, Carbone bit Stark, leaving a bleeding bite wound on his pectoral/nipple area. Carbone also threw the woman’s phone on the road, damaging the phone, which was valued at $1,100. Patience Carbone was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and vandalism.

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Spencer Gibson jailed for stalking wife after multiple vandalism incidents

31-year-old Spencer Gibson was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Denisha Cox, at McDaniel Road on September 15th, 2023. During an argument, Gibson started to grab his belongings and pack his stuff. While he was gathering his items, he told Cox that he would “break her teeth and beat her up.” Gibson then threw a candle, shattering a TV in their bedroom. Then, Gibson entered the living room and flung a toy into another TV. Gibson attempted to hit Cox, but she moved back and walked out. This led to Gibson throwing the house key at her and leaving the residence.

On September 26th, Cox reported that Gibson shattered the rear glass window of her grey Chevy Malibu. Cox informed law enforcement that she received a message from Gibson the next day on her daughter’s phone, stating, ” Your mom won’t be happy when she gets home.” When Cox arrived, she found that Gibson had poured bleach on all of her clothes and the clothing of one of her children. Cox noted that Gibson hadn’t lived at their home for “a few weeks” and had left with his property.

On November 11th, Gibson returned after trying to contact Cox all day and trying to start another argument. Gibson arrived at her residence and attempted to use his key to open the door, but Cox locked the deadbolt, causing Gibson’s key to break off in the door. This agitated him, leading him to say he would vandalize her car. Instead of doing that, Gibson threw a rock at her front window, shattering it. Spencer Gibson was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault, aggravated burglary, stalking, and vandalism.

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Grace Standridge assaults boyfriend, destroys his $2,000 phone during altercation

22-year-old Grace Standridge assaulted her boyfriend, Levar B., and destroyed his phone at their home on Fairview Lane on December 31st, 2023. Levar told police that he and Grace had gotten into an altercation when she pushed him, causing him to fall backward. Then, while upstairs, Standridge threw his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 against a wall, damaging the screen. Levar stated he bought the phone for $2,013. Levar added that while he was lying on the couch, Grace came downstairs and began hitting him. Levar showed officers video footage of the incident. According to Levar, the two went upstairs, and she started hitting him again. Standridge was taken into custody and charged with two counts of domestic assault.

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Demarrio Borum assaults girlfriend, grabs officer’s taser during altercation

23-year-old Demarrio Borum, an employee of Sanderson Pike, had an altercation with his girlfriend, Ms. Patterson, at his Trenton Village apartment on January 28th. Patterson spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that Borum pushed her down onto her bed, placed his hand on the base of her neck, and choked her. Patterson said Borum let go, and she went to the living room to gather her belongings. Borum then pushed her onto the couch. Patterson said she left the apartment when Borum told her to. Officers deemed Borum as the primary aggressor and went to detain him. When detaining Borum, he pulled away, so officers brought him to the ground. While on the ground, Borum grabbed an officer’s taser, pulled on it, and broke the cartridge. The estimated value of the cartridge is $100.00. Borum was taken into custody for aggravated domestic assault, assault against a first responder, resisting arrest, and vandalism.

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Natasha Johnson punches ex-husband, attempts to crash car during argument

38-year-old Natasha Johnson was jailed on January 18th for assaulting her ex-husband. Clifford Johnson told police he was picking up his daughter from a dental appointment. While driving, he and Natasha began to argue in the car. Natasha then threw a cup at Clifford, which hit him in the shoulder. She then threw a second cup at him, but she missed, and the metal cup cracked the windshield. Clifford told police that Natasha then punched him in the face multiple times. Then, Clifford ended up running off the road and nearly into the grass on 101st due to Natasha grabbing the steering wheel and pulling it downward. Clifford stated that Natasha then grabbed his glasses and broke them in her hands.

According to Natasha, she punched Clifford three or four times in the face, but she never hit him with the cup because she missed, and it hit the windshield. Natasha also admitted to grabbing the steering wheel and advised that she intended to damage his car. Due to their child being in the backseat during the time of this reckless behavior, it was determined that the child was placed in danger.

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Dezhana Rogers destroys woman’s living room TV

21-year-old Dezhana Unique Rogers vandalized Latasha Jenkins’s Ft. Campbell Boulevard apartment on January 2nd. Jenkins told officers that she left the living room, heard a loud noise, and saw her television and glass table damaged upon returning. She stated that Rogers was the only person in the living room and that she left immediately after. Rogers was taken into custody for vandalism on January 21st.

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Michael Scott drunkenly resists arrest at Billy’s Bar and Grill

38-year-old Michael Anthony Scott was found lying on the ground in front of Billy’s Bar and Grill on Dover Road late January 20th. Officers arrived and observed him on the ground with a firearm. Then, Scott admitted to having drinks at Billy’s Bar, so they attempted to detain him. Scott kept pulling away, refusing to put his hands behind his back. When they finally got him in the back of the patrol car, he became irate. Scott began striking the partition and the rear passenger door, leaving them damaged on the way to Sango ER for medical clearance. Then, Scott started kicking the door again when they were transporting him to be booked. Scott was taken into custody for resisting arrest, vandalism, and being in possession of a handgun while under the influence.

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