Reece Gorton drags “cheating” girlfriend out of party

27-year-old Reece Gorton was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Jaden Athearn, at West Fork Crossings on March 16th. When officers arrived at the mentioned location, they made contact with Brandon Barron, who stated that he was having a small get-together with his friends at his apartment. He then advised that Gorton made his way to the party and said he knew Anthearn was there and was cheating on him, so he kicked Barron’s door down and went inside. Gorton noticed someone named Kenley Chadwick there with Athearn, so he punched him in the face. Afterward, Gorton grabbed Athearn’s arm and forcefully pulled her out of the apartment. When Gorton noticed that Athearn wasn’t trying to leave, he went outside and broke both side view mirrors by kicking them. Reece Gorton was taken into custody and charged with aggravated burglary, domestic assault, and vandalism.

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Bryana McClendon punches woman who tried bribing her boyfriend to hangout

25-year-old Bryana McClendon was involved in an altercation with her boyfriend’s friend, Dixie Lyons, at the Days Inn Motel on January 21st. Lyons provided law enforcement with messages between her and her friend, Jeremiah Stacy, offering him money to hang out with her. Unbeknownst to Lyons, Stacy brought his girlfriend McClendon with him. Once Lyons opened the door, Mclendon punched her in the face, crossing the door threshold to do so. Officers observed bruising on Lyon’s face. Bryana McClendon was taken into custody and charged with aggravated burglary.

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Spencer Gibson jailed for stalking wife after multiple vandalism incidents

31-year-old Spencer Gibson was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Denisha Cox, at McDaniel Road on September 15th, 2023. During an argument, Gibson started to grab his belongings and pack his stuff. While he was gathering his items, he told Cox that he would “break her teeth and beat her up.” Gibson then threw a candle, shattering a TV in their bedroom. Then, Gibson entered the living room and flung a toy into another TV. Gibson attempted to hit Cox, but she moved back and walked out. This led to Gibson throwing the house key at her and leaving the residence.

On September 26th, Cox reported that Gibson shattered the rear glass window of her grey Chevy Malibu. Cox informed law enforcement that she received a message from Gibson the next day on her daughter’s phone, stating, ” Your mom won’t be happy when she gets home.” When Cox arrived, she found that Gibson had poured bleach on all of her clothes and the clothing of one of her children. Cox noted that Gibson hadn’t lived at their home for “a few weeks” and had left with his property.

On November 11th, Gibson returned after trying to contact Cox all day and trying to start another argument. Gibson arrived at her residence and attempted to use his key to open the door, but Cox locked the deadbolt, causing Gibson’s key to break off in the door. This agitated him, leading him to say he would vandalize her car. Instead of doing that, Gibson threw a rock at her front window, shattering it. Spencer Gibson was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault, aggravated burglary, stalking, and vandalism.

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Taunya Johnson enters woman’s home, assaults her during parking spot dispute

47-year-old Taunya Johnson was jailed after assaulting her neighbor, Brynlee Dodson, in her Parkway Place home on December 31st. Officers responded to the address three times in a single hour regarding threats made over a parking space. When officers arrived for the third time, they made contact with Brynlee, who stated that after officers left, Johnson knocked on her door. Brynlee stated when she opened the door, Johnson reached into her apartment and grabbed her by the hair. Johnson then attempted to punch Brynlee but was not able to hit her due to Matrix Dodson, Brynlee’s husband, pulling Johnson away from his wife. Officers noted that Brynlee’s hair looked disheveled as she spoke to them. Taunya Johnson was taken into custody and charged with aggravated burglary on January 1st. 

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Cherika Kelly and her child break into woman’s home, attempt to taser her

36-year-old Cherika Kelly and her children got into a confrontation with Brichelle Ellis and her children on November 5th. After that altercation, Kelly and her juvenile child appeared at Ellis’s residence and sparked another dispute. Kelly and her child entered the home despite Ellis telling them they could not. Kelly entered and pulled out a taser with which she attempted to taser Brichelle. Kelly’s child swung at one of Ellis’s children to hit her. After the confrontation ended, Kelly and her child left to go across the street to hide. Kelly was taken into custody and charged with aggravated burglary.

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Tammera Lee drunkenly assaults woman, breaks into her apartment

44-year-old Tammera Megan Lee was seen on Lora Smith’s ring camera at 325 Farrow Circle taking her Halloween decorations on October 15th. The decorations are valued at $70.00, and Lee was taken into custody for theft on November 3rd.
On November 7th, in an unrelated incident, Lee called the police, alleging that child neglect was occurring at Michelle Bolding’s residence on Farrow Circle. Officers arrived and noticed Lee was visibly intoxicated with an open wine bottle nearby. They investigated the claims and were not able to find anything suggesting child neglect. After the officers left, Bolding called 911, stating that Lee just assaulted her inside of her home. When officers arrived and spoke with Bolding, Lee was not present, but she walked back to the scene, slightly out of view, before advising that she walked to the residence shortly after the authorities departed. Then, Lee stated that Bolding and her child came outside and assaulted her in the driveway. Lee was very frantic, with visible injuries, ignoring the officer’s questions, and refused to comment when they asked why she came back to the residence after being assaulted. Bolding stated that after the officers left, Lee knocked on her door and refused to leave or shut the door when she told her to. Then, Lee pounded on the door, so Bolding opened it to address her, but she threw the wreath off the front door into the apartment, forcing her way in, and began attacking her. Lee reportedly threw her phone at Bolding before she pushed her out of her apartment. Then, Lee grabbed her shirt, pulled her out of the door, and punched her in the face. Bolding said that this was when her son came out to assist her, shoving Lee out of the way before closing the door. Lee was taken into custody for aggravated burglary and public intoxication.

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Austin Mellender breaks into girlfriend’s house, assaults her

19-year-old Austin Mellender was at his girlfriend’s house when her mother asked him to leave. Mellender’s girlfriend got him out of the house and locked him out. This caused Mellender to become enraged and yank the door open, which caused damage to the door. Once inside, he assaulted his girlfriend and exited the house before law enforcement arrived. Mellender came into contact with law enforcement and refused to meet with them. Mellender was taken into custody and charged with aggravated burglary. Austin Mellender has a history of charges including: fraud, felony theft, simple possesion, evading arrest, etc.

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Soldier Zachary Hayes body-slams wife and breaks into neighbor’s house

21-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Zachary William Hayes was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife, Emma Hayes, at State Line Road on October 26th. Emma advised officers that she found something on Zachary’s phone and tried to talk to him about it. Then he began cursing at her, and in response, she turned off his PlayStation. She stated that he began to walk towards her, and she put her hands up in self-defense, so he grabbed her by the hand, threw her over his shoulder, and body-slammed her. She told deputies that her hips hit the couch, her face hit the floor, and she got up and ran over to their neighbor’s, Jonni Contreras’, house. Officers then spoke with Zachary, who told them that Emma found things she didn’t like on his phone, became angry, and began to hit him but insisted he did not hit her at any moment. Officers observed discoloration on the left side of Emma’s face, correlating with her statements, and deemed Zachary as the primary aggressor.

Contreras told officers that Emma got into a fight with Zachary, so Emma came to her house with her son to be in a safe location. Then Contreras stated she heard a knock on the door and opened it, thinking it was her husband, but it was Zachary. He forced himself into Contreras’ house as she was blocking the door, snatched his son out of Emma’s hands, and refused to leave after being asked several times. Zachary William Hayes was taken into custody for domestic assault and aggravated burglary.

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Brichelle Ellis jailed after assaulting a woman in her home

30-year-old Brichelle Ellis was jailed on September 10th after running into a home at Summit Heights to assault a woman. The victim stated that she was initially jumped by several people, and when the fight was finally broken up, Ellis entered her home and assaulted her during a final battle. Ellis had to be pushed out of the residence and was taken into custody.

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Jennifer Owens steals dog & attacks owner, per report

38-year-old Jennifer Owens was booked on an outstanding warrant from September 27th when she allegedly broke into a home on Briar Hill Drive and stole their pit bull. Police spoke with Frank Somner and his girlfriend, Amber Mayfield, who stated they were asleep in their room when they were woken up by a loud noise in the kitchen. Owens and her juvenile daughter had forced their way into the home. Ms. Mayfield noticed her pitbull was taken from the house and put in the back of Owen’s vehicle.

When she tried to save her dog, she was attacked by Ms. Owens and her daughter. Ms. Mayfield says she was punched and kicked while lying on the ground. Ms. Owens then walked back into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and cut Ms. Mayfield on her arm. Finally, she threw a large boulder at Mr. Sumner’s vehicle, cracking his windshield before leaving

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Yada owner Darla Knight & daughter Morgan jailed on felony aggravated burglary charges in Nashville

56-year-old Darla Knight, owner of Yada on Franklin, and her 30-year-old real estate agent Daughter, Morgan Knight, were both charged with aggravated burglary when they broke into Morgan’s ex-boyfriend’s house, stealing and destroying his property, and emptying a bottle of lube on his bed.

Around 9:30 p.m. on July 20th, MNPD responded to a possible aggravated burglary at 24th Ave; when they arrived, they spoke to the victim, Raymond William Johnson III. Raymond told officers that he had camera footage showing a 2011 Black Chevrolet Suburban pulling into his driveway and then Darla and Morgan Knight exiting the vehicle. Officers reported Darla and Morgan were able to be identified via the footage without question, and the registration of the Chevy Suburban showed that it was registered to Darla Knight. The door was broken into as if someone punched the deadbolt, per the report. The footage shows Darla pointing to the camera as if she planned on committing the burglary without Raymond knowing, officers noted.

When police spoke to Raymond, he said that he and Morgan had broken up in June on amicable terms. He said that he had just recently started seeing another woman. Raymond showed police a text message that Morgan sent his mother stating that she saw notes in their house from the other woman, and that is why the relationship was over. Police found a note on Raymond’s chalkboard with Morgan’s signature under it reading, ” Do not call me or try to reach out. I hope you two live your best life. I only took what was mine.” During the investigation, police found broken picture frames, an entire bottle of lubricant poured onto Raymond’s bed, drywall damage, and all of Raymond’s schoolwork wiped from his computer, valued at over $16,000 for the semester. They took several items, including bedding and curtains, valued over $1,100 as well as caused over $880 of damage to other household items. Raymond’s Glock 19 pistol was also stolen with a value of over $2,000.

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Natalia Head breaks into home, assaults residents

22-year-old Natalia Head was booked on July 2nd after entering a home on Lynnwood Circle without permission. The victim told police that Natalia entered the home yelling and started an argument about kids sleeping on the floor. According to the victim, Natalia then went over to her bed, kicked her in the chest, and pulled her hair. The victim screamed for her boyfriend, Mr. Parker. He pulled Natalia off of his girlfriend, and she went into the living room and threw the victim’s TV on the floor, breaking it. A witness on the scene told police that she heard Natalia yelling and throwing the TV on the floor. Natalia and Mr. Parker have an active COR in which he is the protected party, and Natalia is not permitted to be around him; However Natalia told police that she knew Mr. Parker would be there.

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DaShawn James robs ex-girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

19-year-old Deshawn James told his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend he was coming to her house on February 14 to “cash his check.” She told him she wasn’t going to do that and to not show up at her house. A short time later, he entered her apartment without permission, and she ran to her room and locked the door. James reportedly picked the lock of her bedroom door and an argument over why she would not take him back erupted. During the teenage tussle, he grabbed her iPhone 13 Pro and refused to return it, and would not leave. She screamed for her brother to call their mother, and James fled the scene. Police made contact with DaShawn James, who helped them recover the phone, showing them where he hid it under some pallets at a Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

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Dillon Duke caught on video burglarizing neighbor’s home

18-year-old Dillon Robert Kane Duke was identified by “several family members” as being the person who broke into a home less than a block away from his own on Jan 23. Joshua Williams and Franqui Nicolis provided police with a home security video that showed a young white male in a hoodie taking things from their home, and several of his family members quickly identified him, leading to a warrant being issued for his arrest.

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Willie Luckett breaks into ex-girlfriend’s bedroom, stands over her as she sleeps & assaults her

20-year-old Willie Earl Luckett was charged with aggravated burglary, driving without a license, no insurance, and two counts of felony possession of schedule I drug with intent to sell on December 29th after allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend the day before. According to police, Shatroy Williams woke up on December 28th to her ex-boyfriend Willie Luckett standing over her, grabbing her by the hair and hitting her on the head several times before grabbing her neck until she “felt his nails digging into her skin around her throat”. Shatroy told police she couldn’t breathe but didn’t lose consciousness and when she tried to get up he pushed her down onto the bed again before leaving.

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Nathalie Araujo pushes into home of ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, demands to see him

Police say 23-year-old Nathalie Cristle Araujo Salazar arrived at the home of the mother of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, demanding to speak to see the father of her child. She repeatedly knocked on the door, causing alarm to the ex-girlfriend’s mother. The mother partially opened the door, and Nathalie crossed the threshold and charged through the doorway in an “assaultive manner.” The mother shoved her backward, pushing her down the stairs in front of the residence. Nathalie Araujo Salazer is charged with felony aggravated burglary.

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Chase Clark charged in aggravated burglary of ex-girlfriend’s home

22-year-old Chase Clark is charged with felony aggravated burglary after his ex-girlfriend, Athena Souza-Gaiski, says she came home around 2 a.m. Sunday to find her house vandalized. Police noted food was thrown all around the kitchen, the glass on the back door was broken out, and other items were thrown throughout the home. She immediately suspected her ex as the suspect and relayed that to police. A neighbor had also noticed Clark at the residence around midnight. Officers say Clark moved out over a month ago and no longer had access to the home since moving back with his mother.

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Weston Stephens charged in $4K robbery of friend

Michael Ostrawski says he and his girlfriend returned to his home just before 5 p.m. on July 30th and found his door had been pried open and the frame was broken. A review of the home found approximately $4,000 in cash was missing from a dresser drawer, among others that had been opened and searched. He noted that 26-year-old Weston Ellis Stephens was the only other person to know the location of his cash stash as he’s often loaned him money in the past. Ironically, he had not heard from Stephens in several months until that day, when Stephens called him while he was out with his girlfriend, around 1:30 p.m. During the investigation, Weston stated he had been at his own home all day. Security footage was obtained from the victim’s building which showed Weston Stephens and another white male at the location.

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