Soldier Zachary Hayes body-slams wife and breaks into neighbor’s house

21-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Zachary William Hayes was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife, Emma Hayes, at State Line Road on October 26th. Emma advised officers that she found something on Zachary’s phone and tried to talk to him about it. Then he began cursing at her, and in response, she turned off his PlayStation. She stated that he began to walk towards her, and she put her hands up in self-defense, so he grabbed her by the hand, threw her over his shoulder, and body-slammed her. She told deputies that her hips hit the couch, her face hit the floor, and she got up and ran over to their neighbor’s, Jonni Contreras’, house. Officers then spoke with Zachary, who told them that Emma found things she didn’t like on his phone, became angry, and began to hit him but insisted he did not hit her at any moment. Officers observed discoloration on the left side of Emma’s face, correlating with her statements, and deemed Zachary as the primary aggressor.

Contreras told officers that Emma got into a fight with Zachary, so Emma came to her house with her son to be in a safe location. Then Contreras stated she heard a knock on the door and opened it, thinking it was her husband, but it was Zachary. He forced himself into Contreras’ house as she was blocking the door, snatched his son out of Emma’s hands, and refused to leave after being asked several times. Zachary William Hayes was taken into custody for domestic assault and aggravated burglary.

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Emma Hayes assaults boyfriend with baby bottle, punches him, spills his beer

19-year-old Emma Hayes was jailed on June 8th after assaulting her husband at their home on Stateline Road. Zachary Hayes told police that he was in bed drinking a beer when Emma came into the room and threw a baby bottle at his head. He spilled his beer and tossed it to the floor next to Emma. When Zachary got up to clean up the mess, Emma got in his face and began yelling. According to Zachary, at this point, Emma started to push him and hit him in his face and body until he pushed her off.

Police saw redness on Zachary’s face. Emma admitted throwing the baby bottle at her husband but never intended to hit him. She also said she only pushed Zachary so she could get away from him. Emma admitted to striking her husband in his body but said she never hit him in the face. She told police that after Zachary pushed her, he started yelling in her face and bit her. Police didn’t find any marks or injuries to Emma and noted that she changed her story several times. Due to the inconsistencies, Emma was determined as the primary aggressor.

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