APSU Campus Cafeteria scores 77 on state health inspection

The Campus Cafeteria inside the Student Center at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville scored a 77 on its test Wednesday, as a state health inspector conducted a routine inspection. Overall, there was not any proper handwashing; employees were touching themselves, handling cleaning bottles, and more without any hand washing. Everyone present had to stop and wash their hands during the inspection. Food was stored improperly in the cooler and freezer, putting items at risk for contamination from raw food items. A total of fifty pounds of food was embargoed – both from the cold food line, where it was held at over fifty degrees, and from a tub of alfredo sauce that was cooked the day prior and was just sitting unused on a prep table at nearly sixty degrees. More food was embargoed after it was found sitting on the omelette prep station at fifty-six degrees, too warm for standards. The inspector noted this was the third consecutive inspection where items were not held at proper temperatures, and has scheduled a priority follow-up on all critical violations.

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Campus Police bust APSU student Samuel Grigg with 33 grams of marijuana in dorm

18-year-old APSU Student Samuel Grigg is free on a $2,500 bond after Campus Police Officer Dustin Scroggins charged him with possession of 33.8 grams of marijuana in his dorm room. The campus housing authority had alerted police they believed drugs were in the dorm room. Officers say they smelled marijuana immediately upon arrival. Grigg admitted to possessing the green leafy goodness and was transported to jail.

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Former APSU Coach Douglas Molnar misappropriated over $30K — agrees to 4 years probation deal & repayment

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has released an investigation involving Douglas Molnar, who served as Austin Peay State University’s (APSU) Head Track and Field and Cross Country coach from September 2004 until June 2019.

Investigators determined that Molnar misappropriated APSU funds totaling at least $30,600.45.

The vast majority of the misappropriated money was collected and turned over to Molnar during track and cross country fundraiser events hosted between 2015 and 2018. These fundraisers included several athletic events in which participants were charged entry fees. At least $29,775 that was collected during these events should have been deposited into a APSU bank account; however, investigators discovered that Molnar retained this money for his personal benefit.

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APSU Officer Levi Grub charges teen with felony drug possession for marijuana during a traffic stop

Austin Peay Police Officer Levi Grubb says he observed 18-year-old Najee Brogdon driving a white Kia Optomi without headlights at 6:15 p.m. on February 27th. He conducted a traffic stop and says he immediately smelled marijuana. Brogdon admitted there was a black satchel with weed inside, and Officer Grubb found 22 grams of the green leafy goodness. He is charged with felony drug possession, and a commissioner set his bond at $10,000.

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