Bryland Hoffman defrauds father-in-law out of $3,322

24-year-old Bryland Lee Hoffman charged his father-in-law’s Discover card without permission on November 10th and 12th. Justin Hood of the Bushnell Illinois Police Department alerted the Clarksville Police Department that Michael Baker contacted him regarding fraudulent transactions. He stated his Discover card was used to make two payments to Byers & Harvey, totaling $3,322.02. He advised them that when he spoke with Byers & Harvey, they told him the payments were made by his son-in-law, Hoffman. Mr. Baker explained that he had given his daughter, Kylie Baker, a Discover card on his account in case of emergencies. Kylie advised that she and Hoffman had been separated since September and that she never granted him access or authorization to use her card. Penny Parkes, the office manager of Byers & Harvey, provided officers with a copy of Hoffman’s tenant ledger, which showed the payments correlating with the unauthorized purchases. Hoffman was taken into custody for the fraudulent use of a credit/ ATM card on February 8th.

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Jimmie Christy embezzled over $4K from Clarksville GameStop in fraudulent returns

26-year-old Jimmie Christy was jailed on July 25th after the district manager of Game Stop on Wilma Rudulph Boulevard reported that Jimmie admitted to embezzling $4,674.67 over the past couple of months in fraudulent returns. Jimmie also completed a fraudulent return that day for $200. The total loss to the store was $4,874.67. Jimmie not only admitted to the theft on the scene with officers but also provided a written statement confessing to the crime.

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Andrea Moore charged after attempting to cash fake money orders in Clarksville

25-year-old Andrea Moore faces multiple charges after police say she attempted to cash four fake money orders at a Madison Street business on January 23. Store employee Emily Burgess suspected the money orders were not genuine and contacted Publix, who was purported to have issued them, and it was determined they were fraudulent. A search incident to arrest also located marijuana in her purse.

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Clarksville rapper Sam Kirkland ($KVRDA) charged in shoe shop ‘Skvrdakicks’ fraud

20-year-old Clarksville rapper Samuel Kirkland, known to his handful of fans as ‘SKVRDA’, was jailed this week after taking money for products in his online shoe store ‘SKVRDAKICKS’ and never fulfilling the orders. Though many complaints have been filed, this particular felony theft charge stems from Corey Greer, who spent $1,480 with Kirkland for the purchase of shoes. He never received any of the shoes. Kirkland provided fake FedEx tracking numbers in an effort to cover his crime and refused to refund the money or ship the product. Kirkland was booked into custody on November 29th and posted a $5,000 bond later that same day. At press time, he was still selling shoes on his site.

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Caregiver Kelsey Campbell stole from elderly lady she was caring for

28-year-old Kelsey Ann Campbell was working as a caregiver for a family when it was discovered she was writing checks from the elderly lady’s account to herself and cashing them. The victim’s daughter discovered the activity when she was given power of attorney over her mother’s finances. The total amount stolen was $200. She is free on a $45,000 bond.

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Former APSU Coach Douglas Molnar misappropriated over $30K — agrees to 4 years probation deal & repayment

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has released an investigation involving Douglas Molnar, who served as Austin Peay State University’s (APSU) Head Track and Field and Cross Country coach from September 2004 until June 2019.

Investigators determined that Molnar misappropriated APSU funds totaling at least $30,600.45.

The vast majority of the misappropriated money was collected and turned over to Molnar during track and cross country fundraiser events hosted between 2015 and 2018. These fundraisers included several athletic events in which participants were charged entry fees. At least $29,775 that was collected during these events should have been deposited into a APSU bank account; however, investigators discovered that Molnar retained this money for his personal benefit.

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Man charged in car break-in, he says it wasn’t him — Nacobie Vaughns arrested

23-year-old Nacobie O’Neal Vaughns now faces felony auto burglary and felony fraud charges after police say a victim reported her bank card was stolen from her vehicle on Raven Road earlier this month and shortly after, someone attempted to remove $3,820.00 from her bank card to their CashApp account. Subpoenas to CashApp revealed the account belonged to Nacobie Vaughns, and police swore out the warrants.

Vaughns posted on social media that he was arrested for something he didn’t do. Vaughns has no prior record and had a valid handgun carry permit – until a Judge ordered it to be surrendered as a result of this arrest. He is free on a $20,000 bond.

Read the affidavit – what do you think?

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Mother faked autistic child’s death to leave him alone in a Clarksville motel — Vanessa Blanchard

In October of 2021, New Providence Middle School SRO Dwayne James contacted Vanessa Blanchard to inquire why her 12-year-old son was not at school, he was informed the child had died as the result of a seizure two days prior. The school announced the child’s death and had a fundraiser to pay for funeral expenses, which Blanchard said would be at Sykes Funeral Home. When the school contacted the funeral home to donate the money, they had no record of the family or any arrangements.

The school reached out to Blanchard again, and she explained the child’s body was at Tennova, awaiting an autopsy. Two weeks later, the child’s school-issued laptop was realized to be active at the Vacation Motor Motel.

Deputies responded to the location and found the boy in the room, but otherwise alive and well. Vanessa Blanchard admitted to leaving the child there alone and checking on him every other day, or so. Blanchard is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a child, and fraud – false impression of death. She remains jailed on a $5,000 bond.

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