Jimmie Christy embezzled over $4K from Clarksville GameStop in fraudulent returns

26-year-old Jimmie Christy was jailed on July 25th after the district manager of Game Stop on Wilma Rudulph Boulevard reported that Jimmie admitted to embezzling $4,674.67 over the past couple of months in fraudulent returns. Jimmie also completed a fraudulent return that day for $200. The total loss to the store was $4,874.67. Jimmie not only admitted to the theft on the scene with officers but also provided a written statement confessing to the crime.

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Dawna Thompson charged with embezzlement from The People’s Clinic

49-year-old Dawna Thompson was booked last week on an outstanding warrant from February after stealing thousands of dollars from her employer. Police responded to The People’s Clinic and spoke to the owner, who said he discovered Dawna, his former bookkeeper, had been stealing thousands of dollars from the company’s bank account for over a year.

On November 28th, 2022, she made an unauthorized Amazon purchase totaling $477.35 and another separate purchase of $272.66. On December 5th, 2022, she made three more separate Amazon purchases totaling $302.09, $54.64, and $120.44. Ms. Thompson used the company bank card to purchase all of her personal items on the company’s Amazon Account and had all the items shipped to her address under her mother’s name. Ms. Thompson told police that she did misuse the card in the past, but she always repaid the money. The company stated that they never authorized Ms. Thompson to make any purchases with the company’s bank card.

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Sparkle Williams confesses to embezzlement scheme from Walgreens on Tiny Town Road

Clarksville Police say that between July 1st and July 25, 29-year-old Sparkle Williams embezzled $5,282 from her employer, Walgreens on Tiny Town Road. Bryan Varns, from Walgreens loss prevention, advised she reloaded store gift cards on 28 separate occasions during that period but never paid for the money that was loaded on them. Shen then took the gift cards to spend or sell. Williams completed a written statement admitting to the scheme but believed it was only approximately $2,000.

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