Soldier Robert Henson charged with DUI after leaving Dover Road Bar at 2 AM

35-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Robert Henson says he just left an Army “farewell party” at a bar on Dover Road when he was observed by police driving with no exterior lights on his truck. During the subsequent traffic stop, Henson reeked of alcohol as he spoke and was visibly intoxicated. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking.

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Mary Schlernitzauer shot and killed a neighbor’s bloodhound puppy

61-year-old Mary Schlernitzauer was jailed on May 3 after shooting and killing a five-month-old Bloodhound puppy belonging to Khristina Knight, which reportedly jumped a fence and came onto her property. Mary initially claimed the puppy attacked her miniature dachshund dog, but then advised she was able to get her dog inside to safety, and the puppy posed no danger when she retrieved a shotgun and came back outside and shot it.

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Dawna Thompson charged with embezzlement from The People’s Clinic

49-year-old Dawna Thompson was booked last week on an outstanding warrant from February after stealing thousands of dollars from her employer. Police responded to The People’s Clinic and spoke to the owner, who said he discovered Dawna, his former bookkeeper, had been stealing thousands of dollars from the company’s bank account for over a year.

On November 28th, 2022, she made an unauthorized Amazon purchase totaling $477.35 and another separate purchase of $272.66. On December 5th, 2022, she made three more separate Amazon purchases totaling $302.09, $54.64, and $120.44. Ms. Thompson used the company bank card to purchase all of her personal items on the company’s Amazon Account and had all the items shipped to her address under her mother’s name. Ms. Thompson told police that she did misuse the card in the past, but she always repaid the money. The company stated that they never authorized Ms. Thompson to make any purchases with the company’s bank card.

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Javonte Mallard avoids DUI charge, stands outside of his vehicle as police arrive

Staff at Mr. Billy’s Bar & Grill on Dover Road on January 2nd called police to report that 29-year-old Javonte Aquinton Mallard had been disorderly at the bar and was now drunk driving home. Officers located the reported car en route to the bar; however, it was unoccupied at an intersection. Nearby was the car’s owner, Mallard, standing outside the vehicle. Officers say Mallard was visibly intoxicated and admitted to drinking Corona beers at the bar. He was issued the notice of criminal trespass from the bar at their request and advised to continue walking home, which was a short distance away. Instead, he attempted to walk back toward his abandoned vehicle and raised his voice at officers. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

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Woman charged with punching another woman in face at her workplace — Sarah Kuhlman arrested

24-year-old Sarah Kuhlman is charged with the assault and bodily injury of Jashia Huey. An arrest warrant alleges she came to the victim’s workplace on Dover Road and punched her in the face multiple times after a verbal altercation.

Kuhlman is free on a $500 bond.

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