Alexis Short assaults family, bites her mother during dispute

21-year-old Alexis Short believed that her boyfriend was being promiscuous on November 12 when her mother, Holly Donahue, tried to console her but only made her angrier. Donahue, seeing this, removed her child from the area because everyone involved was intoxicated. Short then began to push her mother and her brother, biting her mother on the hand, leaving a mark. Short briefly left the area before deputies could arrive, but moments later, she returned to the house and was taken into custody but was later released under Conditions of Release. Sometime after, an officer committed a traffic stop. While running her information through the records, they confirmed that she had an active COR prohibiting her from having contact with her juvenile brother. Despite this, her brother was the other party in the passenger seat with her. Short was taken into custody and charged with two counts of domestic violence and a COR violation.

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