Mary Schlernitzauer shot and killed a neighbor’s bloodhound puppy

Mary Schlernitzauer shot and killed a neighbor’s bloodhound puppy

61-year-old Mary Schlernitzauer was jailed on May 3 after shooting and killing a five-month-old Bloodhound puppy belonging to Khristina Knight, which reportedly jumped a fence and came onto her property. Mary initially claimed the puppy attacked her miniature dachshund dog, but then advised she was able to get her dog inside to safety, and the puppy posed no danger when she retrieved a shotgun and came back outside and shot it.


Mary Collette Schlernitzauer of 1001 Dover Rd in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on May 3rd, charged with animal cruelty. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $5,000.

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4 thoughts on “Mary Schlernitzauer shot and killed a neighbor’s bloodhound puppy

  1. It’s crazy to me how you have people out here sleeping with kids and drinking and driving and wrecking into people and shooting dogs and killing them and there bond be so low but let someone get caught with some marijuana and have a ridiculous bond Clarksville Tennessee is so backwards on how they set people’s bonds and the way they set people’s bonds and it continues to happen on a daily basis

    1. I agree…sadly it’s not just Clarksville. People go to jail longer for weed than for rape in some cases. Which is ridiculous. I don’t care if someone has pounds and pounds of marijuana…it’s a plant. And a beneficial one at that (buts that’s another conversation). And as a woman, I can tell you that the physical, psychological, & emotional trauma resulting from rape is exponentially worse than the “damage” caused by buying/selling pot. But In America, women’s rights are diminishing quickly…you can get raped, be forced (by the government) to carry the unwanted child created by that rape, and be forced to give birth to a constant reminder of your trauma. And if you can’t afford to take care of the child once its born, oh well. Then the supposed “pro life” government doesn’t care about ensuring that child, boor into poverty, has access to healthcare and good education and healthy foods. It seems that a baby is more important than the woman carrying it, but less important than guns. And everything is less important than money & greed which is the real reason we see folks with marijuana charges in prison for years even though it’s legal in some states is cuz of all of the money invested into the anti weed campaign. If they took all the money spent on marijuana crimes and funneled it back into public education & women’s rights, things have the potential to change direction. But it’s Tennessee…so the state’s direction has been focused exactly where the corrupt politicians want it to be. Our priorities are ass backwards. Now throw in that little old ladies are going around shooting 4 month old PUPPIES for sport and young black men are getting decapitated simply for the color of their skin & it’s just disgusting. We should all be ashamed, outraged, and embarrassed and vote these idiots out asap

  2. My neighbor hit my dog knocked him done on undeveloped ground causing him to be paralyzed and we had to put him down.Even though when ran out our dog screaming in pain and the drug addict,women beating,and yes child molester was still standing there the sheriff would do nothing because we didn’t “see” him do it. It cost US a lot of money just to get a 3 month order of protection from him which was a large waste of time and money AND it cost our dogs life. SO it seems we are living in bad times the signs of evil are everywhere.I will never call the police of any kind again. I am a responsible gun owner, trained, locked and loaded.

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