Dream Wingz – Tiny Town scores 80 on health inspection; repeat violation notice

A state inspector conducted a routine health inspection Wednesday afternoon at Dream Wingz on Cainlo Drive in Clarksville. Upon arrival, the kitchen sink was not stocked with paper towels, and the automated three-compartment sick had no sanitizer. Temperature-controlled items in the reach-in cooler read 45 degrees, slightly over the acceptable level. They also found raw fish thawing in room-temperature 71-degree water when it should have temped at 41 degrees. PVC cement was stored above sauces and salts, while degreaser was stored on top of breading. The restaurant was issued a second-notice letter for having raw eggs stored directly over other food, an infraction they were also cited for in August.

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DUI: Maratez Tramil drinks before swerving between lanes on Fort Campbell Boulevard

42-year-old Maratez Tramil, an employee of Jostens, was jailed after swerving between lanes on Fort Campbell Boulevard on January 1st. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle. Officers made contact with Tramil and immediately noticed he had bloodshot eyes and an odor of alcohol on his person. An open bottle of alcohol was also in the center console. When asked if he had consumed any alcohol before driving, he admitted he had. Tramil consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. During a search of Tramil’s person, officers found a flask containing alcohol in his pocket. Tramil was taken into custody and consented to a breath sample for chemical testing. Tramil was charged with driving under the influence and open container.

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DUI: Kiara Bell drinks 3 shots before driving on revoked license

30-year-old Kiara Bell was jailed after reports of a vehicle sitting at the stop sign on Reynolds Street on December 29th. Officers made contact with the car and observed Kiara Bell passed out in the driver’s seat. Bell had a strong odor of alcohol emitting from her person as officers questioned her. Bell admitted to drinking three shots earlier that evening before driving. Officers noted that Bell also had watery eyes and was unsteady on her feet. Bell consented to sobriety tests, which she performed poorly on. Officers found an open and empty container of “Clubtails Margarita” and a “Hennessey” bottle cap In a probable cause search of her vehicle. Bell was read implied consent and refused to provide a blood or breath sample. Officers quickly obtained a search warrant for a blood sample. Officers discovered via a search through NCIC that Bell also had her license revoked in May 2023 and a previous DUI charge from April 2022. Kiara Bell was taken into custody and charged with DUI, driving on a revoked license, and implied consent.

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Ja’Tavious Starnes shoves baby-mama off porch during argument

23-year-old Ja’Tavious Starnes was jailed after assaulting the mother of his child, Diamond Tankard, at her Alexander Road residence on December 29th. Officers observed surveillance video of the incident occurring. The footage shows Starnes and Tankard arriving at Tankard’s home and walking to the front door. Within minutes of arriving at the front door, Starnes and Tankard can be heard arguing. Officers then observed Starnes forcefully grabbing Tankard’s phone and shoving her off the porch into the nearby bushes. A check through NCIC showed that Starnes has active conditions of release in Montgomery County, with Tankard being the protected party. Ja’Tavious Starnes was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault, contempt, out-of-county warrants, and fugitive hold.

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Darrius Heard (La Dee) murdered outside Club Pressuh in Clarksville

Clarksville Police responded to a shooting in progress call at 3:30 a.m. Sunday at Club Pressuh at 2051 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Officers arrived and found evidence of shots being fired in the parking lot. While still investigating, a victim arrived at Tennova Emergency Room suffering from gunshot wounds. The investigation revealed that the victim had been shot outside of Club Pressuh. The victim was 23-year-old Darrius Heard of Clarksville, Tennessee. Mr. Heard succumbed to his injuries shortly after arriving at Tennova. Heard was a former employee of Clarksville Today & Steen Publishing, and was a musician, where he performed under the name “La Dee.”

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Sebastian Shaw indicted after destroying computer files of former employer

30-year-old Sebastian Shaw, a former employee of Appleton Harley Davidson, has been indicted by the Montgomery County Grand Jury after reportedly deleting company files and withholding social media logins after he was terminated in July. Shaw was hired to do marketing for the business and was terminated in late July. Court records allege that in apparent retaliation, he destroyed and damaged their internal computer system, customer files, and company emails, causing over $10,000 in losses to the company. The Grand Jury met on November 7, and Shaw was taken into custody on two felony counts of computer fraud and vandalism the following week.

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Joe’s Garage at Shelby’s Trio receives a scathing 65 on health inspection

State health inspectors spent nearly two hours inside Joe’s Garage at Shelby’s Trio Friday afternoon, leaving one of Clarksville’s newest restaurants with 11 pounds of embargoed food and a scathing score of 65. High on the long list of violations – the inspector says the restaurant “is not maintaining any managerial control over risk factors for foodborne illness. Raw salmon stored over ready-to-eat food, other food items being served past their expiration date, and running the dishwasher without any chlorine/sanitizer were some of the top violations found during the visit. Ready-to-serve milk inside the server station’s reach-in-cooler temped at 51 degrees, causing 4 pounds to be embargoed. The house-made ranch dressing and gorgonzola dressing were both in the prep cooler; both expired 2-3 days earlier, with all 5 pounds embargoed. An additional 2 pounds of pickled onions were also embargoed, as the restaurant was not operating under an approved plan for pickling preservation, which is required by the state. Smaller violations included an employee’s Theraflu was stored on top of utensils, an employee’s bag stored on food prep table, and another on top of potatoes.

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APSU Campus Cafeteria scores 77 on state health inspection

The Campus Cafeteria inside the Student Center at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville scored a 77 on its test Wednesday, as a state health inspector conducted a routine inspection. Overall, there was not any proper handwashing; employees were touching themselves, handling cleaning bottles, and more without any hand washing. Everyone present had to stop and wash their hands during the inspection. Food was stored improperly in the cooler and freezer, putting items at risk for contamination from raw food items. A total of fifty pounds of food was embargoed – both from the cold food line, where it was held at over fifty degrees, and from a tub of alfredo sauce that was cooked the day prior and was just sitting unused on a prep table at nearly sixty degrees. More food was embargoed after it was found sitting on the omelette prep station at fifty-six degrees, too warm for standards. The inspector noted this was the third consecutive inspection where items were not held at proper temperatures, and has scheduled a priority follow-up on all critical violations.

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Clarksville’s Top 50 OnlyFans creators: We reviewed them so you don’t have to

There’s a good chance you know an OnlyFans Creator in Clarksville… even if you don’t know that you know. OnlyFans quickly became popular in recent years for an easy extra income, and for some content creators, a full-time job. With an influx of college students and army spouses, combined with low-wage jobs, creating content has proven lucrative in the Queen City. There’s a good chance your hostess, store clerk, or even that construction worker downtown, has a link where you can view their naughty side… sometimes for free, and often for a price. Who is the most popular? Who is a catfish? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Clarksville’s content creators.

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Tennessee Valley Brewing Company joins growing list of shuttered downtown businesses

The Tennessee Valley Brewing Company, which currently occupies the space at 125 Franklin Street, has announced it will be permanently closing its doors on October 14. The downtown Clarksville building they currently lease has hosted a series of failed businesses in a short few years. Prior to TVBC taking over the space in April 2023, Mickey’s Downtown closed shortly after health inspectors found cockroaches crawling on kitchen walls & in coolers in November 2022. Before that, failed businessman Dar Place operated Kimo’s Hawaiian Grill. Just before Kimo’s, the building hosted Roux – a restaurant that was closed after the owner was indicted on child pornography charges.

The owners posted the announcement on Facebook Sunday afternoon, explaining their move to downtown was supposed to bring in more customers — and that never came to fruition. The business, which is just over six years old, will serve its last beer on October 14. Many downtown businesses have closed recently, including Tarboosh and 105 Social – both of which sought the college-aged crowd. Many locals have cited parking as the primary reason they no longer frequent downtown businesses – a problem that is only expected to get worse with the arena now open, without any additional parking currently available.

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Clarksville City Council asks to be exempted from state Sunshine laws

During Thursday night’s regular session of the Clarksville City Council, members voted to ask the state to make the Sunshine laws not apply to the body and city government, with multiple council members stating the law, which states all things done on behalf of the public must be done within the light of the public, gets in their way of being collaborative and having private conversations.

The amendment’s sponsor, Wallace Redd, says he feels the local council body should simply be following the same rules as the state legislature, which he says has less restrictive sunshine laws and more restrictions on public records and communications between council members on matters of public interest.

An amendment, proposed by controversial council member Wallace Redd, asks the state to “allow local governments to fall under the same ‘Sunshine laws’ and rules that the state legislature follows.” While council person Brian Zacharias noted that the amendment should be that the state legislature follows the more open rules that local governments follow, Redd did not change the direction the amendment flowed and opined that local governments should not have to follow the current state Sunshine laws, which requires all conversations, decisions, and communications to be open to the public.

No matter Redd’s original intention, other council members quickly opined their feelings on the current sunshine law. Outspoken Council Member Karen Reynolds says she believes the “sunshine law as written stifles communication and collaboration.” Council Member Wanda Smith inquired how this would impact the ethics codes, with Redd replying that if it became law, violations of it would no longer be unethical. Council Member Wanda Allen says she agreed with the amendment and reiterated that current ethics violations would no longer be against the law if this became the new law.

The amendment passed 8-4-0, and will be included on this year’s legislative agenda – which will be presented to the state legislature as a list of the top items impacting Clarksville that the city wants the state to assist with. Voting yes: Zacharias, McLaughlin, Little, Redd, Marquis, Allen, Reynolds, Shakeenab. Voting no: Smith, Holleman, Streetman, Lovato.

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Tessa Luntz named City of Clarksville’s Human Resources Director

Tessa Luntz has been named Director of Human Resources for the City of Clarksville, effective immediately.

Having most recently served as the department’s Deputy Director and as Interim Director when the top position was vacated, Luntz now permanently ascends to the head of the department that is devoted to developing and supporting the City’s workforce in the areas of benefits and compensation, employee relations, Equal Employment Opportunity, Risk Management, safety, and workplace training.

Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts said Luntz is well-equipped to lead at the next level in HR for the City’s multi-faceted workforce. “Tessa brings a depth and breadth of experience in human resources to the city, and has a proven record of success in developing the talent to provide first-class service to our citizens.” Mayor Pitts said.

“Her thorough knowledge of the law and her problem-solving attitude make her the right choice to lead our city during these challenging days of recruiting and retaining top talent. I could not be more pleased that she has accepted the position of Director of Human Resources,” he said.

A Clarksville native with vast professional and educational experience in the field of human resources, Luntz said she is eager to serve the City as department Director. “I am honored to continue serving the City of Clarksville and the wonderful employees within this organization in a different capacity,” Luntz said.

“I look forward to this opportunity, and I am equipped with the knowledge, competencies, and experience to lead the City of Clarksville’s Human Resources department as we incorporate the components of Mayor Pitts’ strategic vision,” she said.

An Austin Peay State University graduate who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (2015) and a Master of Science Degree in Management (2018), Luntz is also certified through the Society for Human Resources Management.

She began working in the public sector at the state level, with the State of Tennessee Department of Human Resources, in 2016. 

Luntz joined the City of Clarksville Human Resources department in January 2020. 

She has been married to her husband, Austin Luntz, for four years, and they welcomed their first daughter, Amelia, in April 2023.

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Harbor Cafe scores 75 on health inspection; 70 lbs of food embargoed

An inspector with the Tennessee Department of Health conducted a routine inspection Friday at Harbor Cafe on Loews Drive. Fifty pounds of prime rib was embargoed due to being cooked 17 hours prior and temping at 46 degrees. Noodles and ground beef were cooked the day prior but had no date markings. Inside the cooler, a pan of uncooked raw chicken was sitting inside an uncovered container of cooked chicken. Wet and soiled wiping cloths were lying on food prep tables throughout. Multiple other violations were noted, including a heavy buildup of grease in the hood over the fry station and sludge in the ice machine. Harbor Cafe received a 75 on the inspection.

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Strawberry Alley Ale Works dishes still not washed correctly, per Dept of Health

An Inspector with the Tennessee Department of Health visited Strawberry Alley Ale Works Friday and issued a critical violation for improper dishwashing — the third such violation within a year and the fourth in their history.

Despite multiple tests, the dishwashing machine would only heat to between 148 and 156 degrees using a plate thermometer run through several times. A technician was called yet again, and the restaurant was instructed to use a three-compartment sink to hand wash the dishes until the unit could be serviced. Management claimed the machine’s temperature is checked twice a day, so they did not understand how it was not working now; however, they were unable to provide any log of temperature checks.

In March 2023, during an inspection, an employee simply raised a utensil to clean it, using no soap or sanitizer prior to using it for food preparation. An October inspection also revealed the same temperature issue as the most recent inspection — a problem that also was revealed in a 2021 inspection.

Overall, the restaurant scored an 88 on the current inspection, with that being the only critical violation. Other violations included cheese sauce at an improper temperature, milk and half-and-half too warm at over 50 degrees, and other temperature issues in the prep cooler, along with a slimy black residue built up inside the ice machine.

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Jah Newell found with gun while on probation for second-degree murder

18-year-old Jah Newell is currently on probation for attempted 2nd-degree murder and is prohibited from possessing any firearms. He was found walking on Jack Miller Blvd with three other individuals, two of which were juveniles, on July 22. Some of the individuals fled when officers approached, but Newell was detained and consented to a search. Officers located a Ruger SR9 tucked inside his boxers. He admitted to retrieving the handgun from his home.

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Army’s Bruce Conrad drunkenly sleeps on sidewalk in front of Clarksville hotel

49-year-old U.S. Army Soldier Bruce Conrad was found sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the Hampton Inn & Suites near Exit 4 just before 5 a.m. on July 22. Officers responded to a call from hotel staff and awakened Conrad, who stated an Uber had dropped him off at the wrong hotel. He was extremely intoxicated and refused multiple officers to arrange a ride back to his correct hotel. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

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Yada owner Darla Knight & daughter Morgan jailed on felony aggravated burglary charges in Nashville

56-year-old Darla Knight, owner of Yada on Franklin, and her 30-year-old real estate agent Daughter, Morgan Knight, were both charged with aggravated burglary when they broke into Morgan’s ex-boyfriend’s house, stealing and destroying his property, and emptying a bottle of lube on his bed.

Around 9:30 p.m. on July 20th, MNPD responded to a possible aggravated burglary at 24th Ave; when they arrived, they spoke to the victim, Raymond William Johnson III. Raymond told officers that he had camera footage showing a 2011 Black Chevrolet Suburban pulling into his driveway and then Darla and Morgan Knight exiting the vehicle. Officers reported Darla and Morgan were able to be identified via the footage without question, and the registration of the Chevy Suburban showed that it was registered to Darla Knight. The door was broken into as if someone punched the deadbolt, per the report. The footage shows Darla pointing to the camera as if she planned on committing the burglary without Raymond knowing, officers noted.

When police spoke to Raymond, he said that he and Morgan had broken up in June on amicable terms. He said that he had just recently started seeing another woman. Raymond showed police a text message that Morgan sent his mother stating that she saw notes in their house from the other woman, and that is why the relationship was over. Police found a note on Raymond’s chalkboard with Morgan’s signature under it reading, ” Do not call me or try to reach out. I hope you two live your best life. I only took what was mine.” During the investigation, police found broken picture frames, an entire bottle of lubricant poured onto Raymond’s bed, drywall damage, and all of Raymond’s schoolwork wiped from his computer, valued at over $16,000 for the semester. They took several items, including bedding and curtains, valued over $1,100 as well as caused over $880 of damage to other household items. Raymond’s Glock 19 pistol was also stolen with a value of over $2,000.

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Tiffany Timko took money, didn’t provide puppy; jailed, banned from AKC

23-year-old Tiffany Timko was jailed on June 30 and charged with theft after she agreed to sell a Cane Corso puppy to a person but never provided the puppy, despite taking the money. The victim provided police with a copy of the signed contract between the parties and receipts showing payments to Timko for $3,274 via CashApp and Zelle. When initially contacted by police, Timko stated she could not locate any documents for the victim and was dumbfounded by the accusation.

In addition to criminal charges, Timko has been suspended from the American Kennel Club (AKC) for ten years, and a $2,000 fine was imposed for violation of their inappropriate treatment of animals policy. In 2021, Timko was additionally charged with cruelty to animals. She continues to post ads on social media advertising her “full-time doggy boarding/doggy daycare” from her home in Clarksville.

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Soldier Trevor Calhoun jailed after drunkenly fighting with other soldiers

23-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Trevor Calhoun was involved in a fight with fellow soldiers just after 10 p.m. on June 15 on Robb Avenue. Officers arrived to find him with bloody clothing and injuries to his face. He would not provide the names of the multiple people who assaulted him, only confirming they were fellow soldiers. He was visibly intoxicated and reeked of alcohol. He admitted to having “two drinks” earlier in the night. Due to the multiple calls about the fight and his condition, Calhoun was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

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Soldier Matthew Thornton charged with assaulting wife with vehicle during argument

22-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Matthew Thornton was jailed after hitting his wife with his vehicle. The couple had an argument on June 18, during which he grabbed the phone from his wife, Bailey Thornton. She says she tried to retrieve the phone as her husband got into his vehicle, but he placed the vehicle into reverse, causing the passenger door to impact her body. She says after she was hit by the door, she jumped out of the way and was worried he was going to run over her. Officers documented minor injuries to the victim.

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