Ja’Tavious Starnes shoves baby-mama off porch during argument

23-year-old Ja’Tavious Starnes was jailed after assaulting the mother of his child, Diamond Tankard, at her Alexander Road residence on December 29th. Officers observed surveillance video of the incident occurring. The footage shows Starnes and Tankard arriving at Tankard’s home and walking to the front door. Within minutes of arriving at the front door, Starnes and Tankard can be heard arguing. Officers then observed Starnes forcefully grabbing Tankard’s phone and shoving her off the porch into the nearby bushes. A check through NCIC showed that Starnes has active conditions of release in Montgomery County, with Tankard being the protected party. Ja’Tavious Starnes was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault, contempt, out-of-county warrants, and fugitive hold.

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