Jabar Moten assaults neighbor during argument over fork

Jabar Moten assaults neighbor during argument over fork

34-year-old Jabar Moten was involved in an altercation with Susan Radford at the Golf View Apartments on April 14th. Moten told law enforcement he was having dinner with his girlfriend, Brittany Russell, in apartment B. While they were eating, Radford, who lives next door in apartment A, came in through the apartment’s back door. This led to Radford arguing with Moten about being in Russell’s apartment. When Radford saw the fork Moten was using, the argument escalated in volume, with Radford stating that the fork was hers. As the argument escalated, Radford took the fork off his plate. Moten stated that he then tried to get Radford out of the apartment. According to Moten, this is when Radford attempted to stab him multiple times with the fork. Moten went on to say that she connected on the second attempt to stab him, so he pushed her, and she fell on the sidewalk. Ms. Russell corroborated Moten’s version of events.

Officers later contacted Radford, who stated that Moten invited her to Russell’s apartment. Radford went on to corroborate that the argument over the silverware happened. Radford noted that she took the fork and put it in the sink. According to Radford, Moten grabbed the fork and threw it at her, which led to her grabbing it off the ground. When she looked up, Moten was charging at her, so she tried to push him away. However, Moten still picked her up and threw her on the ground. The caller of the incident, Rob Mckey, corroborated with Radford’s version of events. Jabar Moten was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault on April 15th.


Jabar Deontae Moten of Elkmont Drive in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on April 15th, charged with public intoxication, aggravated assault and order of protection violation.

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