Clarksville’s Top 50 OnlyFans creators: We reviewed them so you don’t have to

Clarksville’s Top 50 OnlyFans creators: We reviewed them so you don’t have to

There’s a good chance you know an OnlyFans Creator in Clarksville… even if you don’t know that you know. OnlyFans quickly became popular in recent years for an easy extra income, and for some content creators, a full-time job. With an influx of college students and army spouses, combined with low-wage jobs, creating content has proven lucrative in the Queen City. There’s a good chance your hostess, store clerk, or even that construction worker downtown, has a link where you can view their naughty side… sometimes for free, and often for a price. Who is the most popular? Who is a catfish? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Clarksville’s content creators.

Not all content creators use the OnlyFans platform, which generally charges a monthly ‘subscription’ to get you into the door, and then you can purchase extras such as custom videos, feet photos, or even work panties, bras, and boxers, but it is the most popular platform, by far. Want a phone call with a sexy voice? Most will do that, too… for a price. Once you’ve subscribed to a creator, there is usually a ‘menu’ of extra services and products. We’ve subscribed to 50 creators to rank Clarksville’s Adult actors, and here’s what we found among the 35 women and 15 men:

Overall Top 10

Before we get to the honorable mentions, let’s mention the honorable. These creators have mastered their craft and will have your full attention. Some of them so discreetly that you may not have known they were your co-workers or sitting on the pew beside you last Sunday.

Top 5 Women:

1 – Jada Sanders (jadawaydaaa5) is one of the freshest content creators in the city, and seemingly has content of interest for any person or preference. With solo, B/G, and more – she’s also very active on the platform, and her Instagram.

2 – Taylor Baby (taylorstevonne) comes in at the top of almost everyone’s list – with frequent updates, over 16,000 media engagements, and a hundred valid videos, including b/g content, naked in public, and booty access. She is also active on Instagram.

3 – Alice, who has both a free and premium OnlyFans is new, refreshing, and bold – you’ve likely seen her out and about, and now she gives you the opportunity to see what you missed in public.

4 – OnlyLava (Lava Caitt) makes the top 5 with loads of content, sex tapes, and photos – all fresh and with a VIP Page, a naughty Twitter, and Instagram, all of which are maintained. Also, someone you’ve likely seen out and about in the nightlife.

5 – DuhKotuh (duhkotuhh1) rounds out our Top 5 as ‘your favorite MILF’ with frequent fresh content, solo/BG/requests, and very responsive to messages. She specializes in anal and squirting.

Top 5 Men:

1 – johnmagnumxxx: The master of all things adult media, Clarksville local John Magnum, has turned a thriving career in adult films into a launching pad for his OnlyFans content. Also active on Instagram, Magnum is known for naked cooking, live shower shows, and video collabs with gay, straight, and trans people.

2 – ‘StrokeGod’ – nuskitookyogirl makes the top 5 list due to his length of time on the platform and the tools he’s working with.

3 – Gary Marks – StoneXXX is a full-bodied man who loves to showcase his sexual escapades to a targeted audience. Includes car and hotel sex. A runner-up for ‘Mostly likely to have sex with your neighbor.”

4 – Known as GayDoll, tsdolleca is described as the “BBW with the BBC.” At $5/month, subscribing is worth the curiosity and to answer the questions you already have.

5 – 931TayTay (tayfrmdacity) AKA the “10-inch Demon,” offers the most services via the OnlyFans platform. You can link up for $150, have a FaceTime call for $80, and request custom videos and photos.

Clarksville’s Most Creative

1 – Miss Marie (missmariealeh) is known for her themed photo sets, sex on park benches, and volumes of content. For $10/month – it’s an easy sub.

Best Username

1 – Kaine ALA ‘SlaughterYourDaughter’ comes in at the bottom of the list due to inactivity, but the content is top-notch with both solo and B/G videos.

Better with a Blindfold:

1 – Kruby Stewart inspired this category, and for $20/month, you can also find out why.

Can we get a refund?

1 – Average Joe – the name should have been a warning. We clicked surprised so you don’t have to. While we believe the platform should be open to all ages, some people should be old enough to know better.

Most Intriguing

1 – Mekennah (mekennahpremium) is one of the most interesting accounts, with a $10 monthly subscription to get in the door. Once inside, all content is via private messages, yet the eight posted media have nearly 5,000 engagements. Whatever she’s doing in private seems to be pleasing.

Biggest Catfish

1 – JewelNextDoor (who we also covered when she punched her boyfriend and was arrested) came in with the most votes for the biggest catfish. She features solo content and B/G content with creator SamGoHardXXX, who is also in our rankings.

Hidden Treasure

1 – Unspecpting from her profile, Alpha Bxtch is a playground of content once subscribed. She’s the hidden treasure of Clarksville.

Best Oral Satisfier

1 – Iris (apaturairisbaby) takes this title with the most videos and photos while giving the most oral satisfaction.

Prettiest PAWG

1 – With a menu of options of kink videos, sex videos, mailed panties, and more, Jessi (missjessibaby) was awarded this prize after much consideration in the newsroom.

Most likely to Drain Your Wallett

These creators have some of the highest monthly subscriptions:

1. Diamond Monae may be the highest priced in the city at $29/month, but she’s also the biggest letdown. Nearly 70 videos are all less than thirty seconds long, and the content is mostly dated and regurgitated.

2. ‘Des’ Honeyviews charged $25.99/month, but it’s the most “but stuff” of any of the local creators. If shiny butt plugs and back door access are your thing, it’s probably worth the steep price/

3. “Xx_Starfyre_xX” Starfyre charges $25/month for access to her content, which appears to be from a trailer home, and all of the drama and lifestyle amenities that go with it. Redneck country boys that still bale hay will probably not be disappointed with this charge.

4. Jayveaisqueen will leave you mad at $20/month with only two videos inside, both under five seconds long.

5 – At 9.99/month for zero content, Crush will drink your wallet – and likely nothing else.

Large & In Charge

1 – curlyheadedfuc leads this category, and her subscription is free:

2 – Sierra – at the monthly price of FREE, how can you go wrong?

3 – Samantha Marie (pinkbunny01)

‘Ole Timers

1 – Lucy Gee – her bio says it all.

Most Likely to Succeed (in ending your current relationship)

1 – KElizaM29 (senpaii91) may have the librarian look on her landing page, but deep inside your content, you’ll find one of Clarksville’s most devious

2 – Ebony Redbone Creams (missebonyreddd) posts content for everyone of every kink and persuasion… and notably with different men who were easily identified. We’ll call her the relationship ender.

Honorable Mentions

There were several content creators in our chosen fifty that simply didn’t make a specific superlative list above but may be worth your intrigue and consideration. Listed below, in no specific order:

All profiles and links were valid at the time of publication. Due to the nature of the content, they may change, be made private, or be deleted over time by the creator.


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