Man charged with slapping sleeping roommate over unplugged Xbox— Austin Chase Springer

Clarksville police say 24-year-old Austin Chase Springer went into his sleeping roommate’s bedroom, upset that his Xbox was unplugged, and began yelling. He then reportedly slapped the roommate, Anthony Duff, in the head with an open hand, knocking out his earplugs. Every time duff attempted to get out of bed, Spring would push him back down. Springer told police he had been drinking prior to the argument.

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Man charged in car break-in, he says it wasn’t him — Nacobie Vaughns arrested

23-year-old Nacobie O’Neal Vaughns now faces felony auto burglary and felony fraud charges after police say a victim reported her bank card was stolen from her vehicle on Raven Road earlier this month and shortly after, someone attempted to remove $3,820.00 from her bank card to their CashApp account. Subpoenas to CashApp revealed the account belonged to Nacobie Vaughns, and police swore out the warrants.

Vaughns posted on social media that he was arrested for something he didn’t do. Vaughns has no prior record and had a valid handgun carry permit – until a Judge ordered it to be surrendered as a result of this arrest. He is free on a $20,000 bond.

Read the affidavit – what do you think?

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