Bryland Hoffman defrauds father-in-law out of $3,322

24-year-old Bryland Lee Hoffman charged his father-in-law’s Discover card without permission on November 10th and 12th. Justin Hood of the Bushnell Illinois Police Department alerted the Clarksville Police Department that Michael Baker contacted him regarding fraudulent transactions. He stated his Discover card was used to make two payments to Byers & Harvey, totaling $3,322.02. He advised them that when he spoke with Byers & Harvey, they told him the payments were made by his son-in-law, Hoffman. Mr. Baker explained that he had given his daughter, Kylie Baker, a Discover card on his account in case of emergencies. Kylie advised that she and Hoffman had been separated since September and that she never granted him access or authorization to use her card. Penny Parkes, the office manager of Byers & Harvey, provided officers with a copy of Hoffman’s tenant ledger, which showed the payments correlating with the unauthorized purchases. Hoffman was taken into custody for the fraudulent use of a credit/ ATM card on February 8th.

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