J’Deshawn Duncan stopped for window tint; police find stolen gun & Marijuana

19-year-old J’Deshawn Duncan was jailed on September 9th after being pulled over on Riverside Drive for having illegal window tints. The front windows were 17%, and the back was 5%; the legal percentage is 35 and above. While officers spoke with Duncan and front-seat passenger Tyson Mullins, they could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Duncan was asked to step out of the vehicle, and officers could smell raw marijuana coming from his person. A vehicle search was conducted, which yielded a tied-off baggie of marijuana in the front seat and a Glock handgun with an extended mag under the seat. There were 16 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. A check through NCIC showed the pistol was stolen out of Davidson County.

A working pistol light/laser and a digital scale were also found under the driver’s seat. In the center console, a fully loaded 9mm Glock magazine was located. Duncan admitted to the pistol being his but denied knowing anything about the narcotics or accessories.

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Nalayah Barker jail on $3K bond after found high on marijuana in public

20-year-old Nalayah Barker was jailed on August 11th after police responded to the Red Roof Inn for a report of a woman trying to get into someone’s car. When police arrived, they observed Barker trying to open a car door and a man trying to stop her. They asked her what was going on as she swayed back and forth, mumbling. They noticed her pupils were dilated and asked if there was anyone they could call to pick her up, to which she replied, “It’s hot.” Police also noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from her and determined she was a danger to herself and the public. Ms. Barker was taken into custody and searched. Marijuana was found on her person.

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Jeremiah Carter drunk and disorderly at the Days Inn

26-year-old Jeremiah Carter was booked on August 9th after police found him outside the Days Inn in North Clarksville drunk and possibly high on narcotics. He was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes, and slurred when he spoke. Carter was a public nuisance and a danger to others by threatening a woman who was sitting in her vehicle. He admitted to drinking alcohol, and officers located 3.3 grams of marijuana in his pocket.

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Sahvannah Penhollow slept while daughters injured themselves, asked neighbor for help

27-year-old Sahvannah Penhollow was awakened by police entering her home after her daughter asked the neighbor for help. The neighbor, Foster Sayles, was the one that called the police and asked them to come to the residence on Power St. because Sahvannah’s daughter told Foster through the window that she had burned her hand.

When he arrived, Officer Ventura heard the little girl in the house, so he knocked loudly. The daughter let the officer in and told them where her mother was sleeping, so he announced himself loudly. Sahvannah came out of the room, dazed as if she had just woken up, and told police that she was just asleep. Her other daughter was in the living room holding onto a chair with dry wax on her arm. The daughter that let the police in said that she burnt her balloon with a Febreeze canister in her room when she tried to cook rice and burned her hand. She said that when she reacted to burning her hand, she knocked off a candle that got into her hair and on her sister’s arm.

Police observed dirty diapers, old food, dirty pads, three-inch nails, more trash, and food all over the floor. Inside Sahvannah’s room, they found 74 grams of field-tested-positive marijuana, a glass pipe, a rolling tray, and a grinder. Penhollow was jailed on multiple counts of child abuse and drug-related charges.

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Shatquantell Steffin jailed after childish episode at Vacation Motel

36-year-old Shatquantell Steffin was jailed on July 29th when police were called by Judy Parker, an employee at Vacation Motel, who wanted officers present while she allowed Steffin, a previous tenant, to retrieve her belongings from the motel room. After Steffin got her things, she was asked to leave and not return to the property, but she refused to leave and laid down in the middle of the street. Officers could smell alcohol on her, and she admitted to having drinks in her room, which was why she was being kicked out. Due to her level of intoxication and refusal to leave the motel premises, Steffin was placed into custody. During the search of her person, officers located a small bag of marijuana and cigarillos in her pocket.

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Monica Reames found with Fentanyl after roommate rumble

35-year-old Monica Reames was jailed on July 29th after her roommate, Kara McAfee, reported she had been assaulted at their home on Broadripple Drive. Reames told police that she had been living with McAfee for three months and wanted to move out, which caused an argument. She stated that she did not assault McAfee, but she did slap her cell phone out of her hands. McAfee added that she was also pushed. Reames was taken into custody and searched. During the search, officers located a cut straw, burnt tin foil, and approximately .5 grams of fentanyl.

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Shayna Stone: “I can’t lie; I have marijuana” in my vehicle

20-year-old Shayna Stone was jailed last week after police pulled over her white Chrysler for a faulty headlight. She explained that she didn’t have a valid driver’s license. The officer noticed the odor of marijuana and asked if she had any in her vehicle. She told the officer that she couldn’t lie; there was marijuana in her vehicle. Police found 47.7 grams located in the center console, and Stone was placed under arrest.

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Kevin Hodges charged with harassment of lawyer William Poland in downtown Clarksville

31-year-old Kevin Hodges was jailed on July 25th after local attorney William Poland reported to police that Mr. Hodges approached him and his father as they stood outside Strawberry Alley. According to Mr. Poland, Hodges asked them for money and became belligerent when he was asked to leave them alone. He then clenched his fist and lunged at Mr. Poland in a threatening manner.

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Kadaijia Wing passes out from drug use with children in the vehicle with her

24-year-old Kadaijia Wing was jailed on July 9th after officers responded to a welfare check at Trice Landing Park to find her and Joseph Black passed out in a vehicle with children inside. There was a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old who is also autistic. Kadaijia woke up, and officers asked why her vehicle smelled like marijuana, to which she replied that someone smoked in her car earlier. During a probable cause search, police located four cut straws which are usually associated with ingesting narcotics, a pack of cigarillos, less than .5 grams of cocaine, and less than 14.175 grams of marijuana, well within reach of the children. DCS was contacted, and Joseph and Kadaijia were taken into custody and transported to Clarksville Police Department so DCS could conduct their investigation.

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Sasha Roberson jailed for cocaine and marijuana possession

26-year-old Sasha Roberson, on July 16th, was seen kicking a bag under a car by Officer Pequignot while he was placing another person into custody. Officer Pequingnot found the bag under the car closest to Sasha that contained under 14.5 grams of field-tested-positive marijuana. She admitted that the bag was hers and then consented to a search of her vehicle and house. Field-tested-positive cocaine and more marijuana were found during the search.

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Ryan Rushton charged with drug possession in Walmart parking lot

25-year-old Ryan Rushton was jailed last week after police responded to a welfare check in the parking lot of Walmart on Fort Campbell Boulevard. An Anonymous caller stated that there was a man falling over and appeared to be on drugs. When police arrived, Rushton was on his hands and knees, pulling grass out of the ground. The officer stood in front of him, but he didn’t notice and appeared to be falling asleep on his hands and knees. He woke up distraught and consented to a search. The officer discovered a clear plastic case that contained a very distinct “corner baggie” The officer explained “corner baggies” are often used to store small amounts of illicit substances. Right next to Rushton, in a shopping cart, was a headphone case; inside the headphone case was a cut straw and a “corner baggie” of fentanyl weighing less than 0.5 grams.

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DUI: Jessica Oliver drove thru a police investigation scene while drunk

29-year-old Jessica Oliver was jailed on May 21st after she drove onto the scene of an unrelated crash while drunk. Police were investigating a crash at Tiny Town and Little Bobcat Lane when Oliver slowly rolled her gray Dodge Challenger on the scene. She had slurred speech and glossy eyes. When she was asked to exit her vehicle, she stumbled. Oliver consented to field sobriety tests and performed poorly. During a search of her vehicle, a plastic bag of 1.82 grams of marijuana was found on the passenger’s side.

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Jasmine Winter leaves mother with rug burns on her knees after altercation

18-year-old Jasmine Winter was jailed on May 6th after pushing her mother down during an argument. Jaquilla White told police that she and her daughter got into an argument, and Jasmine ran up behind her as she walked into the apartment and pushed her down, causing “rug burns on her knees.” After Jasmine was detained, she requested to bring her purse to booking, where officers found a small baggie of marijuana inside.

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Kadarius White bites hand of ex-girlfriend when she refused to return gifts

26-year-old Kadarius White reportedly appeared at the home of his ex-girlfriend, Jordyn Johnson, unexpectedly late at night on April 29 and demanded the return of all the items he had purchased for her. When she refused to let him take anything, the argument escalated, and she says he began to throw her around the living room. He then reportedly bit her on the hand and strangled her until she says she went unconscious. At the time of his arrest, White also had an outstanding warrant for drug possession.

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Kat’leona Corey assaults roommate with phone charger; scratches face & arms

20-year-old Kat’leona Corey was jailed on April 12th after reportedly assaulting her roommate Christine Vogelsang at their home on Tandy Drive. Police responded and spoke to Christine, who said she and Ms. Corey had gotten into an argument earlier in the day, which police were called for, and it started back up again. She said that Ms. Corey started swinging her phone charger at her face, and when she grabbed the charger, Ms. Corey scratched her arms and face.

Police were able to see scratches on Christine’s face and arms. She told Ms. Corey she would call the police, and they both went to their separate bedrooms. Ms. Corey told police that she and Christine argued earlier in the day about her power being turned off but wasn’t sure how she got scratched. Police determined Ms. Corey to be the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody. When she arrived at booking, the jail conducted a search and found marijuana in her bag.

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Corey Wiist found passed out from Fentanyl at gas pump in Clarksville

33-year-old Corey Wiist was jailed on April 9th after falling asleep behind the wheel of his truck at the Marathon Gas Station on Ashland City Road. Police responded to pump four and banged on the driver’s side window several times to wake Wiist up. When he finally woke, his eyes were glossy, and he had pinpoint pupils. Officers asked to search his truck and if there was anything illegal inside, to which he stated, “There shouldn’t be.” While other officers were searching his vehicle, He agreed to sobriety testing and performed satisfactorily.

Fentanyl wrapped in tin foil was found in the center console, along with two cut straws with residue. It was later discovered that Wiist had no active driver’s license, as it was revoked in 2017. He was then arrested, and more fentanyl was found, this time wrapped in lottery tickets in his wallet. Mr. Wisst admitted to the substances being fentanyl and using it earlier that morning.

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Steven Burney indicted for food stamp fraud by Grand Jury

56-year-old Steven Burney has been indicted by the Montgomery County Grand Jury on charges of food stamp fraud. An indictment that was returned in March alleges that Burney illegally used a food stamp card to which he wasn’t entitled at a local Kroger for groceries totaling over $100. At the time of his arrest on the indictment, Burney was found to have seven Oxycodone pills in his pocket.

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Two jailed after child found unresponsive inside drug house — Brianna Smith & Jonathan Deutschmann

23-year-old Brianna Smith & 31-year-old Jonathan Deutschmann were jailed after a 911 call was placed on March 29th, reporting her child was unresponsive in their bedroom at their home on Edmonson Ferry Road. Medics transported the unresponsive young child to Tennova, and DCS was notified. They consented to a search of the home, where drugs were found in the couple’s bedroom, where they stay with the child, and in the basement, where Deutschmann operates a tattoo studio. Seized items included cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, 2.8 grams of Fentanyl, Oxycodone, marijuana, $2,105 in currency, pipes, rolling papers, grinders, digital scales, burnt foil, and more. The couple was taken into custody, each given a $75,000 bond. There has not been an update on the condition of the child.

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