Armonde Crenshaw caught with marijuana in his Mercedes

22-year-old Armonde Crenshaw was seen in a white Mercedes making an illegal U-turn on North 2nd Street on March 26th. Officers made contact with Crenshaw and conducted a probable cause search of his car. They located 1.5 grams of marijuana, an empty baggie, and an ashtray with multiple blunt portions.

When officers ran Crenshaw’s information, they found that he had an action date for failing to apply for insurance on February 17th. On November 15th, Crenshaw was caught driving on a suspended license, making the current one his third offense. Armonde Crenshaw was taken into custody and charged with simple possession/casual exchange, unlawful drug paraphernalia, driving on a revoked or suspended license, and no insurance.

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DUI: Alesha Fahnestock has 8 shots before driving

32-year-old Alesha Fahnestock was jailed on November 13th after police pulled her over on I-24 for throwing a lit cigarette out the driver’s side window. While Fahnestock apologized for tossing the cigarette, the officer could smell alcohol coming from her breath and noticed she was slurring her words. Initially, Fahnestock denied having anything to drink but later admitted to having eight shots of alcohol approximately three hours before driving. She performed poorly on sobriety tests and was taken into custody. A check through NCIC revealed she had two prior DUIs.

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Soldier Banachek Villanueva-Flores charged with DUI after leaving Electric Cowboy club

24-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Banachek Villanueva-Flores was caught driving under the influence for the second September in a row. Officer Ventura was dispatched to Washtopia for a call regarding a possible drunk driver in the early morning hours of September 29th. As officers arrived, Villanueva-Flores was seen throwing up outside his vehicle and told them he was coming from the troubled Electric Cowboy before consenting to sobriety tests and performing poorly. There was no proof of insurance provided by Villanueva-Flores, and he refused to provide a blood sample even after a warrant was issued and he was transported to the ER, so they held his arm down to get a sample by force. Villanueva-Flores was charged with driving under the influence and having no proof of insurance.

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