Soldier Jakorey Hunter charged in 5 a.m. DUI on Fort Campbell Blvd

21-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Ja’korey Hunter was involved in a traffic accident with another vehicle near Fort Campbell Blvd and Lady Marion Road just after 5 a.m. Wednesday. Hunter told police he dropped his cell phone and bent down to pick it up while driving, causing him to crash into the other vehicle. Officers say he reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. A Glock 19 handgun was found inside the vehicle.

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DUI: Latoya McCollough charged after drinking “one shot” at N’Quire Bar & Lounge

41-year-old Latoya Shunta McCollough says she had “one shot” of liquor at N’Quire Bar & Lounge before driving home early Friday morning. As an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop for her swerving at 3:30 a.m., she swerved through three more lanes of traffic and ran up on a curb twice before coming to an eventual stop after turning onto another road.

She then opened her door and poured the alcohol out of a metal container, onto the ground, with the officer parked behind her watching. He could also clearly see the handgun in the door pocket of her Ford Fusion as he approached. After a blood draw at Tennova, she was booked into jail.

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