DUI: 20-year-old Malachi Hull swerves all over roadway in black Chevy

20-year-old Malachi Coniah Hull was jailed on November 19th after EMS reported they were driving behind a black Chevy that was all over the roadway on I-24. Officers responded to Exit 11 and got behind the Chevy. They noticed that it didn’t have their taillights on. Police conducted a traffic stop and identified Mr. Hull as the driver. The officer immediately smelled the odors of marijuana and alcohol coming from the vehicle. Officers noticed Hull’s speech was slow, and he seemed lethargic. After officers assisted Hull out of the car, he performed field sobriety tests and conducted a vehicle search. The search located a loaded Glock 43 under the passenger’s seat, and he was taken into custody. Hull is 20 years old and isn’t permitted to drink alcohol according to the legal drinking age of 21.

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