Rishawn Crump says Drake sent him the marijuana he was found with

33-year-old Rishawn Chandler Crump failed to show up for court on August 31st, so the judge issued an order for his arrest. He was served with that capias (failure to appear) warrant on September 14th. He was scheduled to appear on a simple drug possession citation that was issued after police found him with marijuana during a domestic call in July. When the officer asked if the marijuana was his, Crump initially replied, “I have a guy in the Netherlands,” and then stated, “Drake sent it to me.” Crump’s invitation to the cookout may be in jeopardy.

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Nicholas Pietka found unconscious behind wheel of car at Hobby Lobby after using drugs

Officer Donta Daniel of the Clarksville Police Department responded to a report of an unconscious male in the driver’s seat of a vehicle at the Hobby Lobby on Wilma Rudolph Blvd on August 28th just after 5:30 p.m. He observed 34-year-old Nicholas Pietka as being unresponsive and busted out the window to render aid to the man as he remained unconscious. Eventually, Pietka came to, and the officer observed a bag of white powder, believed to be heroin, in the vehicle. Pietka admitted to using drugs the night prior and refused all forms of testing. At the time of his arrest for this incident, he was out on bond for a pending DUI case in June.

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Man admits to drinking, actually PASSES field sobriety tests — Zla Holder

Clarksville Police say 30-year-old Zla Holder failed to completely stop at a stop sign on the night of February 12th while driving his silver Ford F-150. As officer Steven Davis initiated a traffic stop and approached the vehicle, Holder fled the vehicle and ran behind a row of houses in the neighborhood. He was located soon after and gave consent to search his vehicle. Officers located an open bottle of Jameson, an open can of Mike’s Twisted Tea, two empty bottles of brandy, and 0.99 grams of marijuana.

Holder admitted to drinking at the casino earlier and consuming some of the Twisted Tea drink. Police say that “due to his ability to run while evading arrest, and successful completion of field sobriety tests” he was not charged with DUI.

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