Joseph Coleman II steals $120 from woman after giving her ride

40-year-old Joseph Coleman II was caught stealing from Victoria Range on Buchanon Drive on June 16th, 2023. Range contacted officers and told them she had been offered a ride by a stranger named Joe. Joe stopped at a residence on Buchanon Drive and went inside. When he came out, he told Range he wanted to talk to her. Once Range approached the residence, Coleman II ran back to the car and attempted to leave with her belongings. Range followed behind, got partially in Joe’s car, and tried to get her items back. Range tried holding onto the passenger seat and the gear shift while Joe was hitting her in the head and back. Range told officers that Joe also bit her on the back while she was holding the gear shift. During Joe’s assault, Range grabbed some paperwork from the vehicle and fell out of the car onto the road.

During the investigation of the incident, officers made contact with witnesses who stated that they saw a black male and Range get into a car. The man attempted to drive away while Range reached for something in the car. Witnesses also told officers that it looked like she was dragged and run over by the vehicle. On July 12th, 2023, Range was asked why Coleman II tried to leave her. Range stated that he was trying to take her stuff. Officers asked Range if she had any of her belongings stolen, and she told them that he had taken $120 in cash. Joseph Coleman II was identified in a photo lineup, taken into custody, and charged with robbery on April 26th, 2024.

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