DUI: Rogeric Swader falls asleep in Chevy Impala after consuming Fentanyl

59-year-old Rogeric Swader was seen in a black Chevy Impala falling asleep at Plymouth Road on March 2nd. When officers arrived, Swader could be seen throwing his arms around and yelling inside the vehicle. Once officers asked Swader to step out of the car, he exhibited involuntary outbursts of movement. Swader had trouble answering simple questions and forming sentences. Officers noted that Swader had pinpoint pupils as well. When asked where he came from, Swader explained that he had just gotten off work but didn’t know where he was. Swader consented to a probable cause search of his car. The search yielded a wallet with fentanyl residue inside it. Sobriety tests could not be performed due to the Swader’s failure to maintain balance and involuntary movements. Rogeric Swader was taken into custody and charged with simple possession and driving under the influence.

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