Kassandra Watts charged with assault of sister-in-law during argument

19-year-old Kassandra Jean Watts is charged with the domestic assault of her sister-in-law, Mackenzie Watts. Police responded to Needmore Road late Tuesday night and met with Kassandra in the breezeway of an apartment complex. She stated she was in an argument with Mackenzie, who then punched her in the face, leaving an obvious injury. Officers spoke with Mackenzie, who told police Kassandra came to the apartment to speak with her brother when an argument occurred. She says Kassandra struck her in the face first.

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Financial Advisor Robert Kennedy charged in theft of $10K cash from girlfriend, Heidi Blessing

52-year-old Clarksville Financial Advisor Robert Kennedy was jailed in Nashville Tuesday, charged with felony theft. Court records allege he stole $10,000 in cash from his girlfriend, Heidi Blessing, which she had recently withdrawn from the bank for an upcoming surgery. The lovers had been celebrating Robert’s birthday at her apartment and were reportedly intoxicated when they got into an argument. She placed the cash inside a gold makeup bag that night and says he absconded with the cash the next morning. Police say security cameras show no one else entering or exiting the residence during the time the cash disappeared. Robert Kennedy is the son of Reber and Opal Kennedy, of Clarksville.

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Man charged in domestic assault of wife — Chancellor Harrison Phillips arrested

24-year-old Chancellor Harrison Phillips is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Heidi Phillips. She left the house and arrived at Clarksville Police headquarters to report the couple had been in an argument of the discipline of their 2-year-old son when she says Harrison balled his fist and aggressively stated he hoped she wasn’t pregnant, or else he would knock the baby out of her.

She recounted this is how prior assaults began so she fled the residence.

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